Women Power, Ultimate History And Beyond!

Women Power
Women Power!

Women Power!

Women Power, what exactly is that? Well, it’s broad, but women power and in powerful positions also include women with great responsibility too. Women Power throughout history and women who have helped to take the reigns away from men. Us women in the driving seat who claim their equal rights and more.

To take us all to a place of truly civilized society. Somewhere everything is equal between men and women! And not just a society that aspires to it but then doesn’t keep any of the promises or ideology.

Even more importantly in some ways, when real decisions are made!

There are also those women that publicly or openly show their power, their skill or their knowledge. Getting acknowledgments from their position, or in what they do, and in so doing can also be honored and openly recognized for it.

However, though, women who have these positions of power, ultimately are women who have occupations that bestow great influence and authority. Then even great responsibility, simply looking back a little in history we can see more than a few iconic women of power;

…is that enough in the struggle against a largely biased society?

To the present day…

Still, to this day, power and powerful positions are more often than not associated with men not women. As gender equality is dragged from the depths of turbulent and uncivilized places to that place of perfect equality. Like a weight so heavy it will hardly move… Finally, we begin to see what may be in the future!

Many women have steered events and culture, and have governed as well as created art. Women have founded and fought for the rights of all other women and men alike. However, these are the women edited out of history itself!

Stories are edited and forgotten, even replaced completely with the litany of men!

Our little knowledge of these women is even more exaggerated by ignorance societies which have females in positions of power. Positions of religion, diplomacy, medicine, and the arts, of family structure, and inheritance, these are also of interest too.

Time to rebuild history

In many ways, we really need a reconstruction of history, to right the wrongs, and show the experiences and decisions of females. To show throughout history, the achievements, and milestones of women.

Recover the obliterated pasts of times gone by, show the truths are forgotten and not well publicized, reevaluate the facts against biases placed upon them, compare texts, a mammoth task for sure. However, One that would be well served to put women on record!

Not only that but going forward to do correctly:

…document our histories now and still to come, to ensure that records are true and straight!

For too long women have been pushed to the bottom of the pile, to the footnotes of history itself, footnotes of footnotes even, but no longer can it be stood for… Now is the time to step forward…

Gender, race and other factors have suppressed women for too long, now there are many places still suppressing and oppressing women. The ongoing battle must continue…

…for all women to push back, rise and challenge their positions in society!

Women in Business, Leaders, and Innovators

We should not only consider famous women though, of course, we mean Queen Elizabeth and other royal women. We really do need to firstly consider women in general. A broader definition of ‘women in general’, like priestesses, medicine women, healers, and even market women. In fact, the business minds behind enterprises.

There are strong links between women leaders, for both spiritual and political leaders, across many different societies, indigenous and alike. Wome chieftain leaders like Evenki shaman Olga who was both chieftain and religious leader of her Siberian village some one hundred years ago.

This kind of overlap happens in imperial situations, like when Mikogami Pimiko was chosen as the ruler to save Japan from a chaos and the incredible struggle for power in its early history.

Freedom and Liberty

Movements of liberation have often been led by diviners and Priestesses. Like in the Shona revolt, Nehanda Nyakasikana, who was against English colonization of Zimbabwe.

Then the Maya uprising against the Spanish, led by María Candelaria, it’s another example, but there are many more, if we only look deep enough!

Veleda was the shining and the power behind the Batavian insurrection of tribal Europeans fighting against Rome. And Dahia al-Kahina (“the priestess”) led Berber resistance to the Arab conquest of North Africa, wow!

Women as leaders don’t have to use institutionalized authority!

They can simply use their recognized personal power, wielding it like an ax, to cut and shape. Like an Apache seer and warrior woman called Lozen.

Lozen is the perfect example, she is known for her amazing acts of bravery and her almost clairvoyant ability to see the future then she would guide her people away from danger fleeing into Mexico safely away from the Anglo settler armies!

Women as Men as Women!

Female power and certainty of action are often needed not only to defend personal liberties but also to shows the self-determination. Even in the face of constraints placed on Women, more and more we see opportunities to expand. To really put Women not just in the history books but on the map, forever!

Women over the ages have found practical and clever ways to allow them to break free of their gender shackles. Like Agodice, she practiced medicine in classical Athens disguised as a man.

She did so even in the face of the penalty of death that was in force against such as a female physician!

Then some two thousand years after this Miranda Stuart had the same idea to get her M.D. As Dr. James Barry. She became the Chief Surgeon for the British Navy, wow!

Her ingenious subterfuge was not revealed until after she died. It was the one time she very nearly was discovered after dueling and getting injured.

This started to become a general theme, taking a disguise, a cloak if you will, of male privilege to live their lives of inequality, then only ay they were allowed to show their excellence was in the guise of a man, no more we say. Let history sow the truths of women through the ages, and onward into the future!

Courage and speaking out

The most courageous of the women through the ages contended the oppression. They openly opposed it and challenged it, like the singer, a famous Swahili singer Siti Binti Saad, who came up against all odds.

From an oppressed background, she made taarab music and it was her platform for gaining social justice in Tanzania.

Music like in her song “The police have stopped”, pushed the point of how a judge who let a rich wife-murderer go free. She was fearless in her battle against the unjust system and oppression she knew all too well!

Women warriors make up many historical accounts.

Women would all too often fight to defend their homes. But not just their homes… Women fight for their country and their people too, where is the recognition? Where are the historians and teachers focusing their efforts?

Women of the future

We call out to all of you, supporters and friends and women in power as well as women who will rise to power. Everyone who is currently alive now, we can all make a difference!

Carry the torch and one day, maybe even before complete world peace, will achieve the goals of true equality. That is not only deserved but called for in all walks of life and all societies…