Woman goes viral for kissing strangers around the world


This woman has been kissing complete strangers all around the world, in her set of pictures that has gone completely viral, it really brings a new meaning to the famous expression “kiss and tell”!

She is called Kristiana Kuqi, 23-years-old, she posted on twitter a picture of her kissing a guy in front of the Eifel Tower in Paris. The picture seemed to portray a classic couple’s photo, kissing in front of such an iconic symbol of love!

But as she reveals, she didn’t actually know the guy at all, who would have believed it?

She captioned the photo, which she shared on Twitter:

“I hope this guy I met at the Eiffel Tower and asked for a pic of us kissing so I could pretend I had a romantic time in Paris is doing good”

Just minutes later the posted another photo of herself kissing a guy in front of the Colosseum in Rome – he, was, yes you guessed it, a complete stranger too!

She said:

“I hope this one from Rome is good too”

A third picture shows her kissing a firefighter inside of a fire truck, captioned:

“And the fireman who responded to a fire at a wedding I was at in Kentucky. Hope he’s good too.”

Not too surprisingly her picture went viral and have been retweeted over 65,000 times and have over 2000 comments, many called her a “hero”, and a “legend”…

One Twittered:

“The goal is not to travel the world with your man but to have a man in every part of the world you travel to”

A lot of women felt completely inspired to share their own experiences about kissing men on their travels!

Ms Kuqi, lives in the US state of Virginia, and said that she had “no idea” her tweet would go so viral, who would, right?

She is originally from Kosovo, and a recent university graduate, she also said that she always had a “bold personality” and simply wanted to show off her confidence and flair for being spontaneous.

She said about Paris:

“Ever since I was young I imagined myself having a picture with a kiss there …I had planned this kiss weeks before I went to Paris and was studying abroad at the time. I had a friend come with me to Paris and she thought it was crazy and didn’t think I would actually do it.”

She says that she was nervous when it came time to have her Eiffel Tower kiss, but she eventually worked up the courage to do it.

She approached her ‘kissing partner’, asked him if he had a girlfriend when he replied no, and the rest is history.

She said:

“The kiss was so pure and it was such a sweet moment. We took our picture, said our goodbyes and I never saw him again”

After the success of her kissing photo in France, she thought it would be fun to take her stunt across the border to Italy, and it continued like that!

Ms. Kuqi hopes her viral kissing photos will inspire women around the world to go after what they want in life.

She said:

“With confidence, you can really do whatever you want. All you need to do is ask …Women shouldn’t deny themselves what they want because they are afraid of judgment.”