Woman Fainted After He Cuts 12 Inches Off Her Hair Without Saying


We all need to have our hair cut, its a necessity of life in most parts of the world, however, some pride themselves on how long and beautiful their hair has become, and really don’t want it cut. This Turkish show which features makeovers has gone viral, as the participant fainted when they cut her long beautiful hair!

A Turkish makeover show has gone viral after a participant fainted quite dramatically after the makeover guy hairstylist cut 12 inches off her full, long, flowing, beautiful locks!

The show, called “Kuaförüm Sensin”, which means “You’re my hairdresser”, is a new style reality contest where the makeup artists and hair professionals compete to win a grand prize…

But what about the participants we say?

This one episode shows the hairstylist cutting his model’s hair, called İlayda, with the idea that it will support the “Let My Hair Be Your Hair” project for cancer survivors, but he didn’t think it out all too clearly!

He completely failed, or should we say, completely assumed, that he could do as he pleased, without asking!

Sadly for the model, he didn’t ask her, or even so much as tell her his intention before he started cutting, any woman can tell you, this is the worse ever thing you could do!

HE quickly sheers off the hair from her head and celebrates with the pieces he has cut of, twirling the locks, she is so shocked she is dumbstruck for a moment…

She then reaches for her new short hair, in disbelief, and begins to cry as even the three judges look stunned.

The others in the show including the models look like they don’t know where to look or what to say and try to continue what they are doing, not quite sure what to do at all.

İlayda removes her robe, in an action that could only be said to be a protest against what has just transpired, she marches toward the door, while the stylist smirks in the background.

As she is leaving the assistant tries to intervene and step into her path, but the model faints into her arms under the stress of what just happened.

We believe that her hair was going to be donated to the “Let My Hair Be Your Hair” project for cancer survivors, however, the model didn’t know that they would cut so much from her hair.

This unsurprisingly went viral on Twitter, captioned:

“I’m SCREAMINNNN why is that so relatable tf”

It has now been viewed over 12 million times and hundreds of Twitter users all over the world chipped in with their thoughts about it too.

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