Woman Drives RV Into Casino After She’s Ejected


Well we heard about being a sore loser but this really takes the cake, this woman in her elder years doesn’t seem to have much wisdom, but certainly has got a real impulsive streak, in more than one way!

The North Las Vegas Police said that the woman drove into a hotel-casino, with the full intention of doing damage to the casino concerned.

She was thrown out of the casino the night before and it looks like she was not a happy bunny about what was had happened.

Having thought about what to do all night, the very next day she took action, but not the king od action we would expect from a normal sane person, don’t you agree?

One of the officers, NLVPD Officer Eric Leavitt, has said that the 50-year-old woman accelerated her RV into the Cannery Casino & Hotel at 2121 E. Craig Road, she did it with intent.

The officer said she also hit another woman, 66-years-old, that happened to be outside the casino as the woman tried to get her RV into the casino!

The casino staff said that the woman kept hitting the gas even after she plowed into the casino, even though she was lodged inside the casino doors, in the entrance, and they had to remove her from the vehicle as it was the only way to stop her.

The 66-year-old woman, a custodian, was pulled from under the RV and is said to be in a critical condition, and they may well be serious charges against the woman.

What would you do if you were ejected from a casino, please do tell us in the comments! We do hope it’s not driving your vehicle into a casino?

They closed part of the casino while actively under investigation, we hope everyone is ok, including the woman who was run over!