Witches Are Real And Empower All Women – And I Am One Of Them!


Witches have been talked about and walked among us, woven into society all over the world for thousands of years, the with has long been on tales and fantasy, as much as history books and alongside stories of stragnce powers that can heal, or curse us.

Men and women have been considered to be witches, but we tend to use the word to imagine witches are women as does the world over.

All through history the witch has been a formidable enemy of good, the one who makes us feat for our safety or manipulates others for her own gain, like a bogeyman, or should we say bogeywoman!

Although it seems that, the witch, as dangerous as she is portrayed she is also vulnerable to others who look to defeat her, like a vulnerable prey.

Over the last 150 years witches have weaved their spell over us again, and now they are not so much of a fright, but are figures of inspiration, maybe a heroine of a TV show, maybe even a villain, or maybe a wiccan work college?

She, could even be YOU, the witch is in fact you, and you have taken on this identity in public or private, could it be you?

Even in this modern age there are countless more and more women choosing the wiccan way of things, either symbolically or literally. Witches are appearing on catwalks and sidewalks, there are even Pinterest wiccans showing off crystals and pentagrams.

They gather together to watch films, and in back rooms to perform rituals, even backyards, to consult their tarot cards and spy into the future and the past.

Year on year, more articles keep proclaiming:

“It’s the Season of the Witch!”

So why then all of this, why is it spreading and so popular?

Are witches important? Why are they popping up everywhere?

So if you show me your witches, I’ll show you your feelings about women!

This reoccurrence of Witches then is no coincidence, and it quite happily aligns with feminism, they reflect each other, both taking the power into their hands, reclaimed…

Then again some little trends of witches and teens brought about the pop culture like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and ‘Charmed’, as well as ‘The Craft’, women can lead a frontal assault wearing combat boots and lipstick, maybe even a cloak!

What would a witch be without her magic, her mysterious rituals, and special and meaningful objects of power. As kids most of us played the part of a witch or wizard, mud pie, or witches foul brew in a cauldron.

Some kids grow out of the magic phase, but there are some of us who grow more and more into it!

New age shops and spellbooks you can buy in the book store in the mall bring withes to the masses, and it shows, 27% of US adults now say they think of themselves as spiritual but not religious.

As it turn out, in fact, you don’t need to practice witchcraft or spirituality to awaken your inner witch, you don’t need to buy a cauldron or make potions, you can embrace it any way you want.

Witches will endure, their deep mysterious, and we all want to believe in magic, its attractive and lures us to feel like anything is possible.

So what about history, were the thousands of victims killed in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the witch hunts because of real witches like we see then depicted on TV and in books? Most likely no…

Witches are still as real as you or me though!

Nowadays, the witch is the ultimate feminist icon, after all she is a bold symbol of female liberation against oppression…

She brings back the power to all women!