Why Do Older Women Lose their Libido


Its usually considered normal that older women begin to have less of a desire or libido because of age-related physiological, psychological, factors…

Libido, on the whole, diminishes gently and gradually, for men and women, with age, however, this does tend to be more pronounced in women.

Why is it that Women have reduced Libido?

Commonly this reduction in desire happens in women between the ages of 40-50 years-old usually associated with menopause and changes in blood estrogen levels.

Those women that do experience a sudden occurrence of menopause because of things like an ovariectomy or chemotherapy actually show an even bigger reduction in libido than those who experience menopause naturally, which is logical.

Sudden drops in estrogen levels in the bloodstream, as well as lower testosterone due to menopause,  are the offenders!

When the menopause happens naturally the reduction in hormone levels we mentioned already causes other bodily changes in the reproductive organs, like loss of elasticity, muscle tone, and lubrication, as well as reduced sensation, all contributing to the end result.

This has a knock-on effect on psychological factors like negative social perceptions about age-related physical changes, and we often self reciprocate these and it worsens the problem.

This self-perception can also affect intimacy and in turn libido, other factors like the woman’s partner and his age-related conditions, or lack of libido also contribute too.

A study shows that women over 60-years-old compare intimacy and interestingly 55% of married women still have an active life in terms of libido, compared to 5% that are not married.

But even with low libido women can still be active and satisfied in the act of love, even too in old age.

But age and health also affect libido, so women with heart problems can have reduced blood supply to organs and this, in turn, leads to symptoms we already discussed, lessened sensation, lubrication, etc.

Even more so, a prescription medication for treating health conditions, like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and incontinence, can reduce drive and libido in women too.

Recent studies show that libido in women is also affected because of poor mental and physical health, worsened in some cases by lack of communication with a partner, and/or absence of emotional closeness too.

How to Do You Get Back That Desire?

The great news is that there are effective interventions to get your libido back, some that are useful in improving libido in women include:

  • Sex therapy/counseling
  • Hormonal therapy for reduced libido
  • Use of drugs to increase sexual drive
  • Use of lubricants, moisturizer, or low-dose vaginal estrogen for dryness and pain

Changing lifestyle too as well as regular exercise improves health and blood flow, which all help too!

Reducing or giving alcohol a miss can be very beneficial for improving love in the bedroom too, subsiding hot flashes, and improving sleep quality as well.

Eating a well-balanced diet and practicing yoga also all help to bring physical and mental relaxation, before you know it, you will feel amazing!


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