We’re Controlling The Wrong Bodies


We often wonder why it is that women’s bodies are open to discussion and control as they are? We women, at least some of us, have faced some really difficult decisions, like abortion, because the guy we fell for was in love with drugs!

How we fell for a friend and then convince ourselves that “friends with benefits” are what we want, because we really know that they don’t really want anything more, and being exactly perfect at picking the wrong guy and usually at the wrong time!

You may even know, or not, how it feels to get pregnant while on the pill, he doesn’t want to have the baby, but he was brought up as a strict catholic and didn’t want to go ahead with an abortion.

As a woman in no real position to bring up a child, and being with this guy for life was not a good idea at all! He kind of stopped answering your calls, and you managed to save up the $200 needed for the clinic…

He wasn’t there to feel alone like you did, to have that consultation and get the actual result to be told yes your pregnant.

He doesn’t have to return to the clinic and take the Valium that was needed for the procedure. Little did he know about anything at all, not lay in the table staring at the ceiling wondering how you would get through things afterward. The numb feeling as you cried deeply. He did not have to go through any of this at all!

He wasn’t even in the recovery room afterward with other women looking about 13 -14 years old some 17, no one speaking after the ordeal they have been through.

In fact, the only thing he had to do was get sweaty, and feel happy with himself, then complain about what was to come after, the consequences of such a thing, then completely disappear like he was never there!

It’s pretty hard to be a woman, still!

The world is a serious place when you’re on your own, the things we have to do are so damn hard sometimes, but that is the unshakable way of life for many of us women.

When we get pregnant we are told that it’s our fault for not being on birth control, of to make sure the guy wears protection, “don’t open your leg’s then” some people say callously.

The responsibility of all the choices that come with the passion and youth we have all experienced it placed on the shoulders of us women, very squarely, that is until we are pregnant, then the choice is gone, just like that!

So which one is it? To be totally women’s responsibility, handled alone, by women, or is it that we, all of a sudden, have no right to make these choices about what happens in our own bodies?

When we are talking about a pregnancy resulting from, well, you know what, a woman cannot become pregnant unless the man is pretty into what is going on, a willing participant to say the least.

Then we see that women are always held on the pedestal of responsibility, all by ourselves, with this contraceptive burden like a world on our shoulders.

Men could not take the stress of a contraceptive pill, the side effects that us women experience, they simply could not handle!

Dr. Tomer Singer, director of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City said:

“The issue was that whenever the attempt was to try to come up with a medication, the side effects profile was too demanding or taxing… Mainly the decrease in libido, increase in erectile dysfunction — that basically goes hand in hand with the same hormones, [such as] testosterone, that are responsible for sperm production.”

So, of course, we protect all men at all costs, but systematically tell women they have this total responsibility for what happens before they get pregnant, but then no say in what happens after.

Georgia House voted to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat could be detected, a Democratic lawmaker in Georgia introduced the “Testicular Bill of Rights Legislation.”

It would be set to ban vasectomy procedures in Georgia and require DNA testing when a woman is six weeks and one day pregnant to determine the father of the child, who would immediately start paying for the child!

Of course who could not restrict a man’s reproductive choices like that!

A male commenter responded:

“I might just be rational or something but the prevention of pregnancy is a touch different than the prevention of childbirth don’t’cha think”

And a woman replied:

“I’d like to point out that the prevention of pregnancy does, in fact, prevent childbirth.”

So it really seems like people, at least some, have the inclination to go back before Roe v Wade, when women were dying as they simply didn’t have access to safe, legal termination options, however, to bring up a bill that would regulate a choice men make regarding their bodies and without hesitation it is recognized as satire.

Why is that?

It doesn’t change the fact that indeed men are equally as responsible for pregnancies as we are, and if our bodies are to be imposed and regulated, then equally so should men’s bodies too!

If your not a fan of, or don’t believe in abortion, then what is your stance on the thousands of children in foster care in the country, or will they just ignore that too?