Viral photo is mom’s plea to visitors after giving birth


Each and every mom can tell us a different tale about the birth of their son or daughter, and as different as those stories are, they all agree on one thing, it’s a completely life-changing event!

Mom Katie Brown, a mom of two looked back on an old photo she happened to come across, captures just 24 hours after the birth of her oldest, only four years ago. In that moment she was taken aback to that very moment again, she thought how exhausted she felt at the time.

The post she put on Facebook has been shared an amazing 90,000 times, Bowman, from Australia said:

“Before being introduced to your new life as a mother, you have just gone through one of the most painful, exhausting, and mind-blowing experiences in your life”

“Has everyone forgotten how tolling can be on both your emotional and physical well being? The last thing you then want is for everyone to be bombarding your room to play pass the parcel before you have even had a chance to recover.”

She told “Good Morning America” about her personal experience:

“When it was 9 p.m. and I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours, I was given the ‘it’ll just be quick’ line when I had said I needed to rest”

“…hence me sitting on the bed waiting for everyone to leave. Once I finally got to sleep, I remember I was so exhausted I slept through all my three hourly alarms to wake and feed my daughter and getting in trouble from the midwife the next morning.”

A picture really is worth 1000 words. This is me, roughly 24 hours after giving birth to my eldest. I have no idea who…

Posted by Living My Family Life on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

She hopes that her Facebook post really helps mom’s and dad’s, to remind them that they can say no to people visiting if they want to.

She said:

“I didn’t even think about the fact I could ask for a little bit of time”

“It was just considered normal that visitors would be coming the next day, because that’s how it is with society. My labor had been pretty long and difficult, leaving me tired and in lots of pain and struggling to sit or walk for two weeks.”

When her next child was born she asked for no visitors at all, but things went a lot different than before.

She said:

“As it turned out I had a much better birth and was ready to see family the next day. You just don’t know how you’re going to feel, or how long it will take to heal”

This mom thinks that her post has been shared so many times because there are so many people that have had similar experiences to her.

She said:

“If we want a chance to bond with our new son or daughter, I really don’t think asking for 24 hours should label mums as selfish… people are commenting with their stories similar to ones I have heard before.”

“Being made to feel guilty for not allowing their mothers and MIL in for the birth. It blows my mind.”

“What could possibly make someone feel like they have the right to watch another person birth a baby, when they have said no?”