Amazing Photo on ‘Joker steps’ Goes Instantly Viral On Instagram


This woman really hit onto something after her Instagram post went totally viral, her amazing photo on New York’s ‘Joker Steps’ really hit it big!

While she was in the Bronx on Sunday, the woman from Cork in Ireland, called Laura Dorgan, with her husband Michael visited the all so popular steps.

Laura has the clever idea of imitating the Joaquin Phoenix’s dance scene in the hit movie, now she really has gone global, it just goes to show!

The picture itself was super popular in Russia and Singapore too, especially with the media, on TV and on the papers too, Tokyo even wanted to use the picture in a television advert!

This woman works as a personal trainer, and really never in a million years thought that the picture would be so popular and go viral as it has… But it did!

She said:

“First of all my favorite part about the picture are my Fila’s, I am a huge fan of them and Mike had bought me a new pair the day before so I just wanted to get a nice photo of myself wearing them somewhere.”

“It was Mike’s idea to go and see the Joker steps, so off we went up to the Bronx.”

The steps are very famous and can be found at West 167th Street in the Bronx in New York City, they are also featured in a film too, she saw others posing on the steps on Instagram and decided to have a go herself, wow!

She said:

“I noticed a few people trying to take the Joker pose on the steps and thought that could be a cool photo.

“I stood in place waiting to try and get a clear shot with nobody in the background and practically two hundred shots later, we got the perfect shot, it was the very last picture.”

The moment her photo went online, Laura’s Instagram exploded, people, tagged it, shared it, it was completely crazy, in a good way!

She said:

“I’ve had people send photos of me in the papers in Singapore, Russia, the Daily Mail.”

“A TV station in Tokyo messaged me to use it as an ad for there company! I love messing around and having fun on my Instagram stories, I just can’t believe it went viral.”

We are super happy for you Laura, well done for hitting on a winner, keep up the great work!

What would you do if you were an Instagram hit overnight?