Stay away from the 7 types of violent man with visible signs


If you don’t think carefully before saying “yes” for any proposal, suffering your lifetime with a violent man is not difficult as you can imagine.

There are men who have the germ of violence in blood, which can’t be recognized by some girls. And with this wrong choice, it makes you pay dearly for it!

It is not only when you become husband and wife, after exposed to the forearms and lower arms of your husband, you could know it is caveman. But from the moment of love, if you can completely understand the nature of the boy through the little things below.

The man always controls and possesses his girlfriend

The man who always wants to control and possess you at all times will tend to be brutal toward women. If he does not want you to go out with any other man, even to control your words, look and act anytime, anywhere, it is usually violent. Because he wants to possess and controls you, he will be ready to brute when you have signs against what he wants.

Extravagant jealousy

A man loves you a lot, but he can also be very jealous. When you go out with friends, he does not like and just want you to go with him. The questions he asked you when you first met were: “Where are you going, what do you do, with whom?” Even, the same message, call you too. It was his jealousy and inference that was one of the germs that made him brute and violent..

Tears as a means for ever mistakes

For a man, crying in front of his girlfriend is excessive, the crying behavior to hide the wrong thing is even more unacceptable…

Rude behaviors

Roughness is a characteristic feature in brute men. Not only with you, with your friends but also with your parents, or simply with passers-by, and behaving rudely in public, especially after drinking. He will use the actions, speech and rude attitude to do what he wants, even in crowded places and no need to pay attention to anyone.

Have a history of fighting

It can be said that this is the most obvious sign so that recognizing violence because violence is an unacceptable behavior, especially when you are only in a loving relationship.

Or breaking things when being angry

With a man willing to throw away an expensive phone, smashing anything near him, even punching a wall to injure himself just because of an argument with you, be careful. By being able to become his wife, he is willing to vent his anger on his wife if he is not satisfied.

No respect for women

You see his attitude towards women is always contempt and no respect. In stories, you see him talking about women as toys or passages. Then that is your gloomy future if that man becomes your husband. Maybe now he loves and spoils you, but the future will be changed.