Toddler Telling Mom “I Love You” Before School – Beyond Adorable!


We think this is just amazing, and completely lovely too! As parents or even grandparents, we all greatly value our time with little ones before they get all grown up and big!

So as a grandparent or parent, we think you will find this video completely relatable to.

This sweet little two and a half-year-old being videoed by her mom, just exactly at the right time…

Ariele Fredman Stewart happened to be recording the footage as her daughter Millie was walking to her preschool one day.

The Mille realized, like a sudden moment when you have an thought pop into your mind that’s really important, she didn’t give her mom a kiss!

She ran as fast as she could, and said:

“I love you and I trust you and I love you and I love you, OK?”

It really made us melt, don’t you agree?

Check out the video below it’s so adorable, it really is!

Do you have memories of moments like this with your kids too?