The world’s oldest mother’ at 75 just had a baby


The couple, an 80-years-old hubby and 75-years-old wife have already adopted a child but really wanted a baby by birth, so they turned to IVF…

If the mother is, in fact, as old as she says she is, it will mean she is nine years older than the current record holder!

The gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr. Abhilasha Kinker, delivered the baby, he said:

“Prabha Devi had come to our hospital four to five days before the delivery.”

“We found there were complications in her pregnancy so we decided to deliver the child through Cesarean section.”

“She was ill and old and we couldn’t take chances with her and the child’s life. She had already carried the child for over six months which was very surprising for her age.”

“If we had not delivered the baby, she might have died in the womb’. The doctor said she could not verify Mrs. Devi’s age as the mother did not bring any identification with her.”

Dr. Abhilasha also said:

“She told us her age but showed no proof. She looked between 72 and 75. Her husband told us he is 80. It was surprising for me. “

“Her age was a factor and then she was ill. She has one collapsed lung so it was a very challenging operation.”

It only one month after another 74-year-old woman claimed to have become the world’s oldest mother, she had twins after IVF, however, both the woman’s ages have not been verified with certainty.

The chances of having a birth that is premature, or having a miscarriage, or even a baby with many and varied problems is high.

All these things are because the reproductive system undergoes changes that make it harder to transfer the nutrients to the child.

Not surprisingly doctors are quite concerned about the safety of the pensioner because she only had one lung, as published by the India Times…

A doctor at the private hospital, called Abhilasha Kinkar, said that the mother already adopted a child but wanted her own child, that’s why she looked at IVF, it’s the only solution in this case.

Although the age of the mother has not been verified, if the mom is as old as she says she is, she will be nine years older than the current record holder.

Guinness world records said that they can’t verify her age at the moment, so no new record is recorded yet, however, a spokesperson said that with birth certificates, census records and hospital documents her age can be confirmed.

The mom is now said to be ‘selfish and irresponsible’ by her own family, over her decision to have the baby and she also admitted lying about her age in order to receive fertility treatment at a private clinic in Los Angeles, for which she was said to have paid around $40,000.

She went to Barcelona, to give birth, and that is where she delivered her sons by cesarean section!

She said that she thought she believed she would live past 100-years-old as she had great ‘longevity in her family’.

But she died in July 2009 from cancer, having been diagnosed a year after giving birth.

Mangayamma has no other children and went through the menopause 30 years ago, her babies were delivered prematurely by Caesarean section and weighed 3.5 lbs (1.6kg) each.