The woman who doesn’t feel pain


For most of us, pain is an inevitable result of hurting ourselves, it’s our bodies way to say, hey you just hurt yourself, but Jo Cameron only realizes her skin is burning when she smells singed flesh, often burning her arm on the oven but feeling no pain at all…

This woman is just one of two people in the world that are known to have a super rare genetic condition that makes them the way they are.

So for them, or should I say for her, she feels virtually no pain at all, she also never feels anxious or afraid either!

Until she was around the age of 65 she didn’t discover that she was different at all, and her doctors really found it hard to believe that she didn’t need painkillers after a major operation she underwent.

When she had the surgery the doctors warned her that she would feel quite a bit of pain after the procedure.

After she was diagnosed she realized that she was not the picture of health as she had previously thought she was, things were quite different than she had imagined.

She said:

“Looking back, I realize I hadn’t needed painkillers, but if you don’t need them you don’t question why you don’t.”

“You are what you are until someone points it out you don’t question it. I was just a happy soul who didn’t realize there was anything different about me.”

She didn’t even feel pain during childbirth either, she said:

“It was just strange, but I didn’t have pain. It was quite enjoyable really.”

She even did the Scotch Bonnet chili challenge, it was like a piece of cake, well like eating a piece of cake for most of us.

Jo would want to change anything, but she said:

“Pain is there for a reason, it warns you – you hear alarm bells.”

“It would be nice to have a warning when something’s wrong – I didn’t know my hip was gone until it was really gone, I physically couldn’t walk with my arthritis.”

Some doctors also said that they think that she can heal faster than normal too, because the combination of genes she has can also make her less anxious but a little more forgetful.

She said:

“It’s called the happy gene or forgetful gene. I have been annoying people by being happy and forgetful all my life, I’ve got an excuse now”

Now many are thinking that Jo’s genes perhaps could help others too?

Jo, recently she had a little accident in her car, but she didn’t react like most, she was super calm and relaxed about it, its all part of her condition.

She says:

“I don’t have adrenalin. You should have that warning, it’s part of being human, but I wouldn’t change it.”

The driver of the other car was really shaken up, but Jo doesn’t get that rush of adrenalin, she just doesn’t get that fear, so no adrenalin rush and no shakes and fast-beating heart…

Researchers also say it’s possible there are more people like Jo.

Dr. Srivastava said:

“One out of two patients after surgery today still experiences moderate to severe pain, despite all advances in pain killer medications. It remains to be seen if any new treatments could be developed based on our findings”

“The findings point towards a novel painkiller discovery that could potentially offer post-surgical pain relief and also accelerate wound healing. We hope this could help the 330 million patients who undergo surgery globally every year.”

Dr. Cox said:

“People with rare insensitivity to pain can be valuable to medical research as we learn how their genetic mutations impact how they experience pain, so we would encourage anyone who does not experience pain to come forward.”

“We hope that with time, our findings might contribute to clinical research for post-operative pain and anxiety, and potentially chronic pain, PTSD and wound healing.”

Well, we hope that something positive can be gained and that Jo is always happy and healthy, and doesn’t burn herself too often!