Strict mom makes son’s friends sign a sleepover contract


We’ve all been there at one point or another, as parents, and whilst it’s not rocket science, having someone else’s kids over to stay the night, it can be a bit of a nightmare!

So, ok, it’s a challenge to have other people’s kids over, but one genius mom found a cool way to keep things in order and kill any misbehavior before it started.

We all have ground rules, as good parents, but thins mom went that little stage further…

Kids can, of course, behave badly, be pretty noisy, and on the while a little disruptive to a family routine, after all, kids are still learning and developing as people.

So what a genius idea, get the kids to sign a contract to all the ground rules, get it straight right from the start these are the rules and you must follow them.

She drew up a sleepover contract which her ‘guests’ will sign before they’re allowed to have a sleepover – and it’s very super strict!

sleepover contract

As you can see above, the contract has four main rules or contract terms that the ‘guests’ have to agree to.

The first lays out that there will be no touching or tickling during the sleepover:

“Touching/tickling of other people will result in immediate physical separation that could remain in place until pick up time. This means we keep our hands to ourselves and off of each other,”

The second term talks about changing into PJs:

“Changing of clothes will be done independently and in private space with the individual not in company of anyone else. This means no nudity in front of anyone else, whatsoever.”

The contract goes on to talk about:

“Disruptions including excess volume of voice or electronics will result in [the] suspension of such privileges. This means no shouting, interrupting or blasting the TV or iPad.”


“Complaining will not be tolerated. Constructive requests are encouraged in a calm, polite tone of voice. This means you wait to have my attention and acknowledgment before you start speaking to me.”

Also, it says, quite appropriately for the tone of the rules:

“I have read and [understood] the rules and conditions of having a play date at Ms. [name deleted]’s house and I agree to show respect at all times.”

“If my [behavior] reaches and maintains standards then a fun time will be had and brunch will occur together the following day. If my [behavior] falls below standards then future [playdates] or sleepovers might not occur again without serious consideration and stipulation.”

This image was originally shared on Reddit, and the community there was quite vocal about how they felt!

One said:

“This is completely insane.”

Yet another said:

“[It] makes me feel grateful my mom was never this controlling.”

Yet another said:

“It must suck to be this woman’s kid.”

Final thoughts

However, we can really see the other side of this story, can you???