She Dreams of a Tiny Shepherd’s Hut, And Built It Herself


On this Cornish coastline, there is a super special house, a tiny shepherd’s hut that was built entirely by its owner, with of course several awesome friends, who were also willing to lend a hand in its creation too!

With the cool corrugated metal sidings, rustic quaint windows, the traditional wheels too, and the old-fashioned bench resting quietly outside, you immediately get a feeling that you’ve stepped back in time!

This shot is so cool! This is exactly the view you would get, that is, of course, if you were lounging around on the bed peering out at into living area and the kitchen. You can pretty much see the entire interior from this point. It’s tiny as ever, for sure, but looks so cozy and warm!

This beautifully framed photo really showcases how the bed has been tucked away in its own little nook. It is, therefore, its own pocket of space, however, it is still connected to the main area, and iIt is raised up above the floor, ingeniously, with the area underneath left open for storage.

The handcrafted, raw and unique sink is breathtaking, it really does do such a lot to enhance the ambiance of the whole house.

I just can’t imagine how cozy it would feel to relax on that couch, all the while enjoying the radiant warmth of the furnace!

Another feature which stands out in this shot is the mini fridge and freezer unit. The bright red is a surprising color choice with the other hues in the home being so subtle. The contrast of the cool blue from the cabinets is startling, to say the least, but it does complement the red in the couch though, and the bedspread too, carefully working with those gentle planned hues as a unifying each of the elements together as one seamless piece of amazing work.

Here, at last, is the picture which shows off the bed nook! The open space underneath it is currently being used to store a couple of stools and around the edges of the bed are storage cabinets. This is a super smart, as well as being a space-efficient design, not to mention how cute and cozy it all is!

In fact, I’ve used the word “cozy” a few times now to describe this lovely little shepherd’s hut. But, indeed, what other words could better sum up the quaint, charming atmosphere and design?

Below, you can watch a video tour of the hut:

I highly recommend watching it all the way to the end, you’ll not only get a better look at the kitchen, living area and bed nook, but you’ll also get to see the waterfall-style shower and some other cool, unexpected features too.

Thank you “The Indie Projects” for bringing us this awesome video and too, these gorgeous photos! Be sure to visit their Facebook page for more…