Praised As ‘Amazing Female Body’ During Woman’s Labour – Mind-Blowing!


A pretty amazing photo really shows how amazing a mother’s bones are during labor, as she is in the process of giving birth.

This photo was shared online of a woman lay on her front while giving birth, people have really praised her for sharing the incredible message about the power of the female body, it’s truly amazing!

The photo was shared by the US pregnancy care center and it really highlights what is going on as the woman lays over the hospital bed whilst in the process of giving birth.

The staff can be seen lookingafter her, the woman has a bulge visible in her lower back, you can clearly see it…

The caption on the photo said:

“Can you see that bulge on her lower back? That is the rhombus of Michaelis.”

“During the second stage of labor, a combination of bones including your sacrum actually move backward and in doing so, increases the diameter of your pelvis.”

The post on Facebook said plainly that this is perfectly normal for this to happen, they said it was “completely normal”, they described the movement as “opening of the back”…

The post went on to say:

“It allows your baby the maximum amount of space to turn as they navigate their way out into the world.

“In order to facilitate the opening of your back, you should use active birth positions where you are upright and lean forward … Your body was made to do this! And your body and your baby work together!”

“Birth is not something to be feared … it is something to be understood!”

Well the post itself was super popular and got over 22,500 comments and 50,000 shares!

One person commented:

“Wow. Just wow. I gave birth four times and never knew this.”

Another said:

“My husband told me about this! I give birth on my knees and he said the base of my back pushed out … And ouch!”

“No wonder I found labor worse on my back! I soon flipped over.”

And one mum also wrote:

“I gave birth in my room all alone and this is exactly the position my body went in to deliver. Amazing. Our bodies are so powerful.”

We are never ceased to be amazed by our bodies and how they are so magnificent, don’t you think?