Photographer Celebrates the Beauty and Strength of Women Over 50


We absolutely love to see a dedicated photographer who can encapsulate the love and appreciation of this art, especially when it comes to the fine female form, always growing more magnificent with age!

In the last two years this guy, called Pedro Oliveira, a talented photographer, has made a photo essay, which celebrates som very underappreciated demographics, and the results are completely awesome, see for yourself!

Pedro grew up with a close relationship to his grandmother, and, of course, some of his most valuable adult friendships were, need we say it, with people much older than himself.

Then through these friendships, he began ti see the difficulties that society hides but still places on aging people.

In 2017, he was all inspired by the Women’s March and then by the voices of the #metoo movement, so of course, naturally, he decided to begin a photo essay that would highlight and share a celebration of fierce women.

It focuses on women over 50 years old as he wanted to not only show their totally amazing beauty and strength, through portraiture but also their deep wisdom by sharing their thoughts and experiences too.

Each image carries the style of the artist, but also the personality of the subject too, whether she’s smiling, sad, or contemplating deeply. Every single quote gives the viewer yet another window through which to understand her and her complexity.

Isabel, 105 years old, said:

“I don’t know what the secret is. I smoked up to my 80s and always ate pork and everything I felt like. I guess it has more to do with genetics and happiness than anything else.”

Lisa said:

“I just wanted to experience something different and thought Colombia would be a great place.”

Tammy Linn said:

“Jeff is my everything, I’ll love him ’til the end of my days when I can once again hold him in my arms and marvel at the wings that grace his feet.”

“My son was less about suicide and more about mental illness. We will never hide behind my son being sick, and if we can help one kid or family battle this horrible disease, then my son’s legacy is kept alive.”


“I work hard, have always worked. I am smarter, quicker, and obviously more experienced than young kids are., not because I am better than they are, but because I’ve lived what they have not. Being older only means being wiser and more experienced. Unfortunately, employers don’t see it that way. “

The strongest aspect of this photo essay is that Oliveira worked with clear respect and admiration for his subjects, not patronizing or objectifying them by editing out any signs of age, but showcasing them with an unflinching honesty that does them (and him) justice.

Very little is hidden from the viewer, either physically or emotionally. With photography in general highly saturated by young, toned, genetically blessed subjects, it’s refreshing to see the beauty of wisdom and experience captured with such grace. Oliveira says he plans to release each subject’s full story on his Instagram account.