Older women more happy with their age and relationships than those in 20s


So that bold statement, can it be backed up? is it really true? Well, there is a study, so let’s take a look at precisely what it said, and what it means…

There were 1,000 women aged between 50 and 65, and another 1,000 aged 20 to 30 years old, they were commissioned to launch a new glossy magazine, that will be released monthly, for women aged over 55 years old, called Platinum.

The study found that the women in the older age bracket were more pleased with their love life, between the sheets, one third ‘getting jiggy with it’ at least twice a week, 70 percent going on regular dates.

Women in the older bracket exercise for almost two hours a week, that’s about 30 minutes longer than the younger group!

Although you might argue that this older group has a strong positive outlook, two thirds also feel vastly misrepresented by the media.

The editor of the magazine Platinum, Ali Kirke, said:

“It’s clear from our research that while women over 50 feel younger than ever today, they also feel misrepresented by media.”

“They want to see things that inform and reflect their life – a life that’s filled with everything they’re passionate about, exciting social events, amazing travel and great love lives.

“The Over 50s are still passionately working, enjoying a great love live and going to exciting social events – gone are the days of perceptions around over 50s being knitting and reading.”

“Platinum is for women who are up-to-date in both style and attitude, confident, engaged and interested in exploring the world around them.”

“With the confidence to tackle contemporary, challenging issues too, especially relevant to this demographic, Platinum will be both an upbeat treat and an essential every month.”

The study also uncovered the advice that the older group would give to the younger group, and that is:

“enjoy dating different people”

“do everything you want before having a family”


“don’t get taken for granted”

Well mostly that seems like great hindsight, but is it just that, looking back after taking this advice would you have different hindsight?

About four in ten of the older group also say the following:

“Marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all”

…and almost half advised those in their twenties:

“not to care what others think”

Maria Welch, head of magazines at DC Thomson Media, said:

“DC Thomson Media has an unparalleled history in women’s magazine publishing, and we have brought all of this passion and expertise to Platinum.”

“Women in the over 55 demographic are in the prime of their lives and having the time of their lives – a force to be reckoned with and the glue that holds generations together.”

“At Platinum we’re proud to be their trusted source for content and we’re honored to be their champions.”

Are you in the younger group and disagree with this? Or are you in the older group and completely agree?