New Study Confirms Women Prefer Low Testosterone Effeminate Liberal Men Over Muscular Alpha males


Women Prefer Low Testosterone – Really?

So the polls tell us, that women prefer low testosterone, and the data received from around 48,000 individuals, of varying gender identities, that during the 2019 women’s march, it’s absolutely clear that the muscular and confident alpha males are out, out, out.

Its the low testosterone, effeminate, and liberal males are all in! After the advent of some Gillette adverts, this toxic masculinity is at an all-time rock bottom, and women, really do show a preference for men who have less “typical/stereotypical” masculine traits about them.

If you are a guy, or you identify yourself as a guy, and you have successfully nurtured your fitness levels and now your body fat is super low and at the same time your muscle composition is high. So, you have defined abs, a carved, ripped chest, and can bench around twice your body weight – then we hate to tell you, but you may have completely wasted your time…

You Want A Strong Attractive Woman?

As it turns out if you want any of the strong attractive women from the women’s march, then what you need is to switch up your priorities, big time!

Women, as it happens, really love men who barely qualify as traditional men at all, so they do prefer low testosterone after all, right?

Now we’re ’talking about those thin men with skinny fat, untoned almost flabby muscles, with patchy vague facial hair, terrible eyesight, and liberal opinions, way on the left, their position if your position! A baseline low testosterone and a high soy-based diet really is in, in, in!

Women prefer low testosterone

Pussy Cay Hat & Men With Low Testosterone?

A guy who wears a pussy cat hat and bends to the will of all others, the one who gives every cent of his spare time to reparations, this is that irresistible hot guy!

If they go low, you should go high – really what that means is that you’re going to deal with bullies without actually standing up for yourself, without much of a stand at all! Just take what’s coming to you!

Then if someone calls you a bad name, then just own it. If someone disrespects you, take it and embrace it completely. Another guy wants to steal your life or wife, hey let them.

For this new modern age, the age of masculinity is long gone, our country has never been stronger or more liberal, and, would you believe it, worldviews are more alluring to women than confidence and strength!

Well, yes, you heard it right, absolutely, the world is changing for sure, faster than you or me even know it! Now you can really feel more secure than ever connecting to your female side, and rest assured, you are now a modern man!