Mum’s genius prank sends sons into total meltdown


Whether you’re the kind of person who prepares food all the time, or just now and again, or even never before, we all have one thing in common, to be really careful when using sharp knives, not to injure yourself, but accidents can still happen…

It only takes one mistake, a lapse of attention, or a distraction at the wrong moment to cut yourself a little or a lot with a kitchen knife, most of us have probably done it already, but not like this mom did! (video at the end)

This one mom copped her own finger off while she was preparing dinner for the family, well that’s what they thought anyway, her two sons!

She’s called Felicity Crane, and on her TikTok it went completely viral, getting well over 40 million views on her video of her pranking her kids, lasting about a minute, she used a carrot and some food coloring for her performance.

Felicity Crane went viral on TikTok last week, garnering over 41 million views with a one-minute video of her pranking her kids using a carrot and some food coloring.

The clip showed the mom of the two boys cutting carrots for their dinner, but not before she carved one into the shape of a finger, how ingenious and creative this mom was…

She took the finger-shaped veggie and covered it with food coloring, to make it look like a bloody finger.

All the while she said:

“Perfect, I’ll just set the scene.”

She then bends her middle finger, so you can’t see it, and puts it next to the prepared pretend finger she made, to give the impression she really hurt her finger, of course…

Then she screams out loud, in apparent agony, both the boys, her sons, come running to help her in the kitchen.

She carries on pretending to scream in horror, and just about manages to tell the boys to get “something” to wrap her finger with and cover up the injury.

One of her sons is in a real flap, panicking he grabs a pan from the sink and drops it on his mom’s hand.

Mom yells at him:

“Not that …Get a towel. What are you doing?”

The other boy gets a towel, but also drops it on her hand, a complete picture of panic!

Mom was not impressed with their efforts and asks them to find her phone so she can get help.

The older of the two boys ask her where the phone is, so she points it out to him, revealing that they are being filmed, and it’s a big prank.

Mom cracks up, she is almost in tears with laughter, the boys grunt in frustration, then the younger boy says she made him lose his appetite.

This is so viral that it’s been shared on Facebook and Twitter, and probably any other social media site you can think of, and we can see why… it’s priceless!