Mum spots rude pattern on $125 watch – not everyone can see it!


Watches are practical and lovely gifts, but what kind of watch you buy can vary greatly, there are all sorts of watches, so what would you look for in a watch?

Maybe a leather strap, or an army style fabric and durable when wet strap, even a rigid strong metal strap, will it have a large face or a quite small one? You can really personalize a watch for sure!

Most of us think about these things carefully as we choose a watch, before we actually buy it, but did you ever think that wearing a watch with a rude pattern across it at any point?

Well, this one woman claims that her daughter was looking at watches recently on the Swatch website, and she came across exactly that, an almost hidden rude pattern!

Her mom was so shocked by the quite out of the ordinary artwork on the watch that cost $125 that she shares the picture of the timepiece on Mumsnet, well why not? Right?

The mom asked users if they would wear a watch like this, the responses were, of course, yes and no, different people had different ideas.

A lot of people were also quite shocked too by the colorful pattern, as it features pink and yellow drawings of bums, boobs, and, well, other bits and pieces, see for yourself!

One person said:

“What the actual f***?”

Whilst another simply said “NO”

A third said:

“That’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.”

And to be quite honest we completely agree, it’s certainly one of the most bizarre things we have seen, and on a swatch watch too!

Another person said:

“Who designed this and thought ‘great, lovely design these will fly off the shelves’. These will end up in the January sale.”

There were some of course that could not see the pattern and thought they were just looking at swirls and lines…

One confused mum asked:

“What am I missing? Can just see swirls and lines!”

Yet another said:

“I must be getting old as it just looked like a dotty pattern until I looked closer.”

Quite humorously one person said:

“I thought it was licorice allsorts [sweets] until I zoomed in”

There was a small selection that said they had seen the pattern and were not offended, and they would actually buy one for themselves, they seemed to like it.

We would love to know what you think if the watch, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below.