Mum fights laughter during wedding speeches after seeing son’s hilarious drawing


We all reach a point in our lives, as adults, that all of our friends seem to be getting, or are about to get, hitched, and it’s usually around the same sort of time, inevitably the weddings follow after…

The best weddings have some really special moments, and always some moments when there is a lull or anti-climax, it’s only natural, and those are the moments we adults have alcohol to spur in the day or evening!

Sadly though there is not much the younger guests can do apart from entertaining themselves, they certainly can’t have a stiff drink, so it’s either sweets or get creative.

Before the dancing could get going, with the usual dad dances, and knee slides across the dance floor, this one boy, seven-year-old, called Jacob Francis was busy coloring-in his drawing, while the speeches were still going.

There was one drawing where de thought a little colour would be great, it was a drawing of a two-tier wedding cake.

Hannah, his mom, 30-years-old, was left in absolute hysterics when her little soldier gave it to her, the drawing looked like, well see for yourself:

Jacob was quite rightly very proud of his super drawing, so he added pieces of fruit to the already quite funny drawing.

Hanna said:

“I was trying not to laugh when Jacob showed me as I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.”

“As soon as I saw it one thing sprang to mind and when he added the ‘fruit’ I thought it was even funnier as it looks like something is wrong with it.”

“My husband Glen, 31, and I have been laughing all week and our friends think it is brilliant too.”

“The picture isn’t going to make into on the fridge, but we will definitely keep it in a memory book for him to look back on when he is older.”

Well, we absolutely love the innocence of kids, and we think this was an amazing drawing by Jacob, very funny too we must admit!