Mom’s Split-Second Decision To Breastfeed Sparks Controversy


We often made fast decisions about things, and second-guessing everything we do is not a reasonable thing to do, we make our decisions and go with them, that’s just what this mom did…

The mom we are talking about is Marie Bekki, and she was praised but also attracted a huge slew of negativity too, even well after it happened!

About four years ago the mom of three fed her son through the fence, and the photo that captured it, of which she is quite proud, was again shared online.

At the time she was taking part in a softball game when her toddler started to cry, she highlights the fact that nothing was getting him to settle at all, so she decided to nurse him.

She had tried singing to him, but it really didn’t work, she tried to calm him with no success, so her options at this point were pretty low to none, Marie finally decided to nurse him, what else was left?

One of her friends thought it was lovely and she took a photo of the moment, it was shared again recently with the caption;

“Oh, you know…Nursing the kid in between innings.”

Moms all over the world applauded her for thinking so fast, and for being a great mom, putting her little one first!

One comment said:

“I seriously love this!!! You do what ya got to do to feed your kid!!!”

Someone else said:

“You go mamma …Screw the people who don’t understand!”

So many people just did not get it at all…

One of the critics said:

“Call me a hater, but breastfeeding a kid through a dirty ass fence that looks old enough to grab a juice box is just weird”

Someone else said that:

“This is just plain lazy”

Yet another person said:

“If you want to normalize breastfeeding, try acting normal. You did this for attention, you posted it to Facebook for attention”

So this mom did admit that she loves that is still recirculated from time to time on social media, decided to address the cross and misunderstood commenters square -on.

She wrote this:

“For the haters:

He was only a year

He started walking at 8 months

The person standing behind the fence with him is his baby sitter

I was up to bat in 3 hitters. So I couldn’t go get him and it was unsafe to bring him around … The fence was over 6ft… I’m only 5’1 so there was no handing the child over the fence

The fence did not hurt …Germs?

He was eating dirt prior so possibly why he wanted some milk to wash it down

For attention? No. My screaming child who wanted to comfort nurse for a short while was causing more attention than me nursing him through the fence did.”

Love it or hate it, you got to say this mom puts her kids first, don’t you agree?