Mississippi Is Stamping Down On All Women ?!


A woman’s life in Mississippi is being referred to by news websites as being a Mississippi Minefield, and looking a little deeper into this we are clearly seeing issues related to women’s rights, and that is something that needs addressing!

Being a Woman in Mississippi

It’s hard being a woman still in this world, but in Mississippi things are pretty bad. It’s fair to say that it is one of the most difficult states for women to be able to speak, and all of us, us women included, need to be able to speak our minds, it’s our freedom, it’s our liberty, and it’s a first amendment right.

Fo us women to be able to engage on a political front, in a public forum, should be something that happens without question. All the time our basic rights come under attack, women are excluded and pushed to one side.

Mississippi Against Women On Several Fronts

It doesn’t just stop there though, Mississippi is apparently one of the worst states for women on several fronts, not just politically, but also looking at life expectancy, unemployment, and it’s all been documented in a new study called the WalletHub Study.

Digging into it, shows, seemingly, that the state of Mississippi has the highest amount of women in poverty too! We felt pretty shocked to hear this, but the numbers don’t lie, these were the findings, and we believe that the data also matches to the U.S. Census Bureau about women in Mississippi.

Now we are really getting to the reasons that women feel so down trodden in Mississippi, if we also consider the recent IHL study that looked at the state’s gender-pay gap, quite unsurprisingly it found a real measurable gap.

Mississippi Pays Women Less

The difference between men and women’s pay is around 18% and that’s after taking into consideration age, race, occupation ,and education. This pattern just runs deeply into the fabric of the state!

This extract from the IHL reported says it all, read into it as you will:

The portion of the gap not explained by observable characteristics are generally assumed to be due to discrimination, although as discussed later in the paper, it’s not quite that simple,

So a woman may choose a less high-paying or demanding job due to, for example, child-care considerations, and perhaps some other basic facts too, which could account for a small part of this gap, but not as much as we are led to believe, don’t you think?

Women Exist In Mississippi

The general trend though is that these bills are put forward, the legislation is put forward, the goal is simple; to increase the minimum wage and, sensibly to require all employers offer family leave or paid sick…

This would then really make a difference to help the higher number of single, working mothers in the state, makes sense right?

So what happens next?

The bills that are meant to help, well they don’t even make it out of the committee from the legislative session…

Looking To The Future

But what actually follows in Mississippi, that is the key to improvements, or will it stay the same? What can we do to change it?

Well we believe we can raise awareness of it, shout it from the hills, and together perhaps we can can start to move things in a positive direction.

We fully expect to see positive change when we, as women, get a voice to speak, and are listened to, in Mississippi !