Invite for the Women to embrace their facial hair and join Movember fun


Its that awesome time of the year when we experience the beautiful colors of autumn, warm browns, and glowing reds, coffee shops are festive, and Movember…

That special event that gets men to grow their taches, an event that is some 20 years old, to help to bring awareness to also raise cash too, for means health issues, of course!

This year the shaving start-up is encouraging women to also join in the fun…

Well, Why not? After all the more the merrier, right?

It’s natural for women to have a little hair on their top lip, many of us feel a little embarrassed about it nonetheless, and spend a fortune on epilating, waxing, and, dare I say it… Threading it off!

With its latest advertising push, Billie insinuated women should participate in Movember by growing out their upper lip hair.

The video features women proudly showing off hair on their upper lip, and It’s a startling sight, only because we really do never see it in the media.

One woman said:

“Women have mustaches too”

Another said:

“The world may not know this because we go through a lot to hide them. We’ve been hiding them all our lives.”

The ad then shows the variety of ways women painstakingly remove their hair.

So according to their website women have to:

“Grow out their mustaches throughout the month of November.”

Those that join the team can ask their friends to donate to the cause, and Billie will match any donation up to $50,000.

Sure, this is a great marketing stunt, and the Movember event allows Billie to reinforce its broader, progressive message that women shouldn’t feel shackled by social expectations about their personal body hair.

It’s not clear if Billie will effectively convince us, women, what do you think, are you convinced?

So all this is pretty radical, and that can’t be a bad thing right??