Homeless woman’s viral opera performance may get her off the streets ‘Like a miracle’


We’ve seen some amazing women, but this time we just had to tell you about this one amazing woman, her powerful soprano echoing off the subways concrete walls was utterly breath-taking!

This amazing woman was stood by herself on the platform, with one arm full of plastic bags and the other arm had a cart covered with blankets.

She was in the middle of Los Angeles during rush hour, about 5:15 pm and the Purple Line station in Koreatown was pretty quiet. No one was passing by as she sang out loud, no gasps or claps, not even a whoop!

The video was taken by an amazed Los Angeles Police Officer, it appeared that the homeless woman seemed alone on her stage, but she commanded the attention of her audience, singing Giacomo Puccini’s Italian aria “O mio babbino caro”, its vibrations echoing off the concrete walls of the subway!

Los Angeles Police Department tweeted, sharing the one-minute video clip the officer captured:

“4 million people call LA home”

“4 million stories. 4 million voices … sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful”

We can now say with certainty that Emily Zamourka has truly become a viral sensation, practically overnight, and we perfectly understand why!

The one minute video captured by the LAPD Officer was watched by hundreds of thousands of people, so why was this woman homeless and on the street you ask?

This is her story:

The local news found and talked to her, she is a Russian immigrant who became homeless by virtue of a guy because he stole her violin, which was her livelihood. Consequently, the 52-year-old woman was evicted and had no choice but to end up in her current predicament.

Since then though hundreds of people have donated to online fundraisers, everyone wants to help, and see that she manages to get off the streets.

Los Angeles Councilman Joe Buscaino, after hearing her Italian operatic solo, asker her to perform at the unveiling of the city’s new Little Italy district. Buscaino’s spokesman, Branimir Kvartuc said his office has started working on finding her housing.

Kvartuc said:

She is a gifted performer plucked out of the unlikeliest of places after a chance discovery, “like the ‘American Idol’ story, but on social media.”

He really wanted to get Zamourka off the streets in just one night, however, like many of the thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles, the transition always takes much longer than this.

Kvartuc said:

“It’s not easy-peasy saying, ‘Here’s your new life,’ …The thing is, I have so much more news for her. ‘You never have to spend another night outside again.’ But I can’t seem to deliver it to her.”

He drove all around Koreatown looking for her, desperate to tell her the news!

The woman had accepted the invitation to perform at Little Italy, but after this, Buscaino’s office had come up with a stronger and better plan…

They offered to put her up in an Airbnb while they figured out a more permanent place for her to live!

But when he relayed the offer to her she was not sure, hesitant about it, then he couldn’t reach her.

He said:

“She’s been overwhelmed with the attention”

It turns out that she said that she was never classically trained, and she didn’t attend music school, but that she would take any opportunity to sing on a stage, she clearly loved it.

She said:

“You know why I do it in the subway?”

“Because it sounds so great. It feels like I’m already there.”

She said she was born in Russia and came to the United States when she was 24. To make a living, she said, she taught violin and piano lessons until she started having health problems. Eventually, she turned to street performances with her prized $10,000 violin, that’s until a few years ago, and it was stolen.

She said to the news:

“When I lost that I felt like I lost everything.”

She describes how it happened, outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, she had finished a performance when suddenly a man that was stood in the crowd pushed in and snatched her violin. A friend was there and verified the story too!

The guy was chased, somebody tried to capture him to try to get the violin back, but the guy threw the violin to the floor violently, it was damaged severely, such a shame, so sad…

Video footage was captured that night of Zamourka crying over the broken instrument, a guy tried to assure her that the strings were still attached, but Zamourka knew it was too late the damage was done…

She cried:

“Oh, my violin!”

It was only a short time after that she had to start sleeping on cardboard, she was always looking for shelter and a safe place to stay, wherever she could.

Now things are on the up and up for her, she said:

“what’s happening is something I can’t believe.”

“I’m speechless” … “It’s almost like a miracle.”

Los Angeles-based political consultant called Michael Trujillo was one of the people watching the news, he created a GoFundMe page for her, a spontaneous thing…

Nearly 800 people had donated more than $30,000, WOW!

So it looks like a happy end to an incredible story of loss, we wish her the best of luck and hope that her life will now take a positive turn.