Is Hair Dye Safe? Avoiding It Cut Reduce Your Cancer Risk!


Those of us women who use hair dye and chemicals to straighten hair actually have a higher risk of developing things like breast cancer, compared to women who don’t use these products, that is, according to new research.

This study that was done at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and was then published in the International Journal of Cancer, found, maybe a little surprise for some that women, those who regularly used permanent hair dye were around 9% more likely to develop breast, cancer than women who did not.

There were a total of around 46,000 women considered in the study, the surveyors did the study from 2003 until 2009 and women aged between 35 to 74, who had a sister with breast cancer.

The American Cancer Society said that studies have looked into the links between hair dye use and cancer for many years, but the results have varied, and quite frankly interpreting statistical data is complex and there could be more factors at play than there seem.

Author and head of the NIEHS Environment and Cancer Epidemiology Group Alexandra White said:

“Researchers have been studying the possible link between hair dye and cancer for a long time, but results have been inconsistent”

This last study that was conducted can’ settle the inconsistent data for such a complex study with so many variables, as experts agreed.

Dr. Megan Kruse, a Cleveland Clinic breast cancer medical oncologist, said that the study sample size could have influenced the results too.

She said these women were already predisposed to the risk of developing breast cancer since it was already present in their family history!

Dr. Megan Kruse said:

“I think that might change how you may view the results”

Well, we hope for many more future studies that will hopefully shed a lot more light on, and of course, give an accurate and bigger spread of results to finally answer these vital questions we all want answers to!