‘I’m Going to Be Honest, This Baby Is Going to Die’


What does citizenship mean when thousands of American, French and British children have been abandoned to their fates in the desert?

We get an incredible sense that this poor baby Ibrahim was not going to make it….

The little 18-month-old baby boy, Belgian by place of birth, was terribly malnourished, very dehydrated and begin sick regularly because of a stomach bug he had all while in the refugee camp in Syria.

Heat in the camp was regularly 100F by halfway through the morning, next to no medical care at all, and what they called freshwater, was full of germs!

A video of the baby had been made, by someone, as was being circulated, it reached his aunts in Belgium, who also shared it with the doctors there, they said:

“I’m going to be honest, this baby is going to die,”

One doctor said that they though in a matter of hours he would be dead, and so a mission was launched to rescue the baby and repatriate him.

Once they arrived in the camp they made the baby their priority because of his dire condition, but he was nowhere to be seen, he wasn’t on the prisoner list at all, no one had heard of him, what was going on?

The camp itself houses if you can call it that, 73,000 which are made up mostly of women and children that were associated with ISIS, in poor conditions, tents, without the basics of life, clean water and sanitization, even food.

As of July, there were over 240 children that died in the camp or en-route to the camp.

At the camp itself just the summer gone by a 4-year-old drowned in a trench of feces, before that another 7-years-old burned alive in a tent, the family simply got a picture of the charred body.

The camp was built in the 1990s for Iraqis from the Gulf War, they have many names for the camp, some call it the “camp of death”, “a test from God”, and many other names too.

Nearly all that live there arrived a little earlier this year, escaping from ISIS strongholds, the worse day of all up to 10,000 women and children arrived there!

Around 8000 children are there at the camp, the women say they are the next generation of jihadists!

Among these children there are British, American, French, German and Canadian children, most of them are very small, under 8 years old.

Two American orphans from Florida were reportedly taken through the camp earlier in the year; their mother had abducted them and taken them to Syria.

Before dying herself, she left them with fellow hard-core ISIS women from Britain. Their father has smuggled them out of the camp, hiding children and changing their names is easy in Al Hol; finding out the real fates of those who’ve vanished is the difficult part.

Today, the camp feels like it’s a continuation of the ISIS caliphate. Every woman living in the foreigner annex wears a full-length black abaya, some even wear black gloves and niqabs or full-face veils, obscuring the eyes.

The Belgians examined 41 of the children, all of them dirty and dusty, but excited to be meeting the team, who brought care packages from relatives back home.

Most spoke Dutch or French but had never been to school. One 7-year-old in Ain Issa, another camper drew the team a picture but was unable to write his name.

Meanwhile, the children are just waiting, watching, many women who give birth in the tents have babies that often die within days.

Things are dim and dismal in the camps, what will happen next? Is this human?