Gifted, Funny, Cute, Artist shows The World What Cats Everywhere Look Like!


If you go anywhere in the world your pretty much guaranteed to see a cat around somewhere, we are a cat-loving world, on the whole, we see them everywhere, and this artist adorably captures this love of cats in some awesome photos!

You even see cats that your loved one sends to you by text message, on Instagram and Facebook, and now you might even see cats in many more places when you cast your eyes over these great photo works of art, like in other animals and food too!

Koty Vezde has her own Instagram page called “Cats are Everywhere”, and we have a treat for you with some of the pictures we love, and funniest and most amusing too:

They certainly are some of the craziest photoshopped artworks we have seen in the world of Instagram, but at the same time, we totally adore them and their creator’s passion for cats too!

If you haven’t already then get yourself a lovely cup of tea or coffee and keep on scrolling, and please do tell us in the comments your personal favorite photos!

And of course, please do share these adorable photos with your friends and significant other, and they can get the same pleasure too!

Do you know someone who is having a tough week? We thin this collection of cats everywhere could well lift their spirits and keep them in fine fettle!

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