Florida woman jailed after video of her kicking and choking dog goes viral


After an awful incident this woman has been arrested and jailed. She was near her trailer in Pinellas County, Florida, when it happened, thankfully someone caught her on camera and filmed her kicking and choking her dog.

The woman we are talking about is Michelle Sieber, 26, and faces charges of animal cruelty in court. Vincent Minutello was the guy who video her and posted the video to Facebook.

The video got over 3,000 comments since it was posted and the numbers are growing!

The woman, Michelle, is seen walking over to her trailer in the parking lot, the dog was on a leash, then we see her kick the dog in the ribs before shortening the least and pulling up on it so hard that the dogs front legs come up off the ground.

The dog is seen wincing and bracing as she again pulls up even harder on the leash, the dog chokes so much it starts to gag against the pressure of the woman choking him!

The guy filmed the incident from his car after he drives past Sieber and asks her to stop treating her dog so badly.

He says:

“Hey, can you go a little easy on that dog, please …You can’t do what you’re doing.”

She laughs and says:

“Pull on his collar?”

The guy says:

“You are choking him. You are hanging your dog. He is sitting there by his neck and he can’t breathe if you watch him”

She says:

“You can have him if you want him”

The arrest report says that the woman told the police she was training her dog, and the woman is supposedly a ‘transient’ living in her trailer with her two dogs.

Both the dogs have been taken into custody and are now safe with animal control, the woman has been jailed and awaits trial

A huge thanks goes to this guy for videoing the whole thing, evidence like this is crucial to enable authorities to take action against people like this.