Female Artist ‘Grace Savage’ Fights Sexism With Beatboxing!


So whether you have heard about beatboxing or now most of us have heard about sexism, or been unfortunate enough to be subjected to it, we really want to spread the news about Grace, a Four-time UK Beatboxing champion, with a difference…

We really love what Grace Savage is doing and we think you will too.!

Grace is one talented woman, she has been on BBC Television, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation, as well as being one of today’s bright young people to be invited to talk on a TED talk!

Grace has even been invited to talk at the prestigious ‘TED Talks‘?

Grace quite eloquently talks about what it’s like to be a female beatboxer in a male-dominated scene, and how from the age of eleven she was the only girl in the boy’s rugby team, we feel inspired to see such a strong female advocate!

Not surprisingly Grace has also been named one of the ‘100 Most Inspiring Women’ in Elle magazine’s and we can just see exactly why that is, we need more like her, but to be honest she is pretty unique!

She has won four UK beatboxing titles, although she says that she still encounters sexism from parts of the community, which saddens us, she just keeps going, a real fighter!

She was told that she only made it to the stage because she was a girl and that she only won because she paid the judges, she explains how these bad comments broke down her confidence and how she nearly gave up beatboxing as a result.

We are so happy that she fought back, and we hope that her message will travel and spread!

Watch her speak about it below and please tell us what you think in the comments below.