A beautiful WWII love story gets a happy ending after 70 years.


This 93 years old man, called Thomas Northwood, is a veteran from World War II. He met a girl during the war, not too long before he parachuted bravely, for his country, into Normandy with the 101st Airborne.

Thomas met his sweetheart, called Joyce Durant along the river Thames in the UK, he took an instant fancy to her and he recalls it dearly.

He said:

…she was “a pretty little thing”

The two of them, of course, fell in love, and even to this day now, he remembers her laugh like it was yesterday, he can even recall her old postal address, he sent letters and gifts after the war finished.

The old boy said he would have married her, but fate itself had other plans for them, then with tile and the distance between them, they were driven even further apart.

Thomas moved to North Carolina, he moved on with his life and d got married to “a good woman,” he recalls that she helped him to get his “mixed-up head get straight.”

Thomas always thought back to the one that got away, and as it happens Joyce hadn’t stopped thinking about him too!

Joyce had also married after they lost touch with each other, her name by marriage was Joyce Morris and she lives in Australia.

After over 70 years apart it only took a few google searches for the wartime lovebirds to be reunited over Skype, Joyce sad to Thomas that she still had his picture, the one that says good morning to her every day!

Morris told Thomas that she still has a picture of him that she says “good morning” to every day, Thomas said that she was to always remember:

… “that I will say ‘good morning’ back to you.”

The modern era of technology brought them back together and its truly amazing to see it, some people decided to raise some money for them to reunite and got over $7,000 so the couple can reunite!

It just goes to show, even in one lifetime how far of technology has progressed, back in the olden days, if you lost touch with someone you would never be likely to get to know them ever again.

Their reunion was one of the most romantic you can imagine…

Air New Zealand also stepped up to the mark, they sent Thomas and his son to Australia, where he and Joyce Morris will spend a beautiful Valentine’s Day together.

What’s that? You’re not crying. Just something in your eye?