Baby Elephant Fell Into Waterfall – Attempting To Save Her Tragedy Struck


Elephants are such incredible creatures, they even recognize themselves in front of a mirror, which has been shown to show, by the University of Georgia, that this ability shows they have higher forms of social complexity like we do as humans.

Elephants are not only just big heavy creatures, but they also live in intense social groups, and if something happens to another of their group they get quite upset, in fact, they are known for investigating deaths of their loved ones and even performing funeral rituals.

Knowing this makes this story even sadder, we reached for the tissues and felt deeply sad like the elephants involved in the accident.

Six elephants fell in the accident and didn’t survive after they were trying to save each other from the dangers of the waterfall in Thailand.

It happened at the Khao Yai National Park in southern Thailand, such a sad turn of events as a baby elephant, lost her footing and slipped, she went over the cliff and into the waterfall…

Officials were called to the scene in response to reports of elephants blocking the road to the waterfall, as posted on Facebook by Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

Just a few hours after this they discovered the baby elephant, passed away, and near the base of the Haew Narok waterfall, then close by five more, they tried to help, also lifeless, such an emotional sight to behold.

There were another two elephants also seen standing close on a cliff overlooking where it happened, they were of course rescued and taken to safety, both were checked by a vet.


The two surviving elephants are being monitored closely, and Edwin Wiek, the founder of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, tweeted that one of the surviving elephants is believed to be the mother of the baby that drowned.

The waterfall where it all happened was known by locals, they call it “Hell’s Falls”, and sadly this was not the first accident that happened there, back in 1992 eight elephants also fell and died.

The possibly saddest part of all is that the two elephants may now struggle to survive because these awesome and clever creatures are known to suffer from emotional grief, usually relying on larger herds for food and protection.

Our thoughts go to these magnificent creatures, elephants, that are not as different from us as some might think, and hope these two survivors endure!