How to Activate Your Magnetic Feminine Energy


How to activate your magnetic feminine energy. It is interesting to write these statements now as I recognize I have truly done the work to clear the pain that these words created in my life.

“I don’t want to wake up and see Anya’s ugly face.”

“Who would ever like Anya!”

“You look like a rat.”

As an adolescent and young woman, I was debilitatingly insecure. I let these cruel statements infiltrate my heart and fell deep into a rabbit hole of low self-worth and anguish. Because I believed I didn’t have a beautiful face, I decided I needed to have a perfect body to make up for it. I obsessed about my weight, binge-eating late at night and over-exercising the next day.

I always felt there would be one or two things “wrong about me” that would prevent me from being normal like everyone else. I feared I would never have a boyfriend, and I longed for external validation from guys. This led me to some scary situations as a young adult, including a sexual assault from my best friend, STD and pregnancy scares, and heart-breaking disrespect from men again and again.

At the height of my sexual trauma, I was about 20 years old. I thought to myself: “The reason I must be going through this is so that I know what other women have gone through as well, and I can help them.”

It was from that point forward that I began to look at my trauma in a new way. I realized that until I healed my core wounds (the insecurity, the low self-worth, and the even deeper cellular trauma that correlated sexual energy with death), I would continue to attract situations that perpetuated my wounding. I recognized my trauma was a microcosm of the collective pain and injustice that has suppressed feminine energy for so long. I saw my lifetime as an opportunity to heal and to clear these personal and collective patterns. I no longer felt like a victim to these experiences! I knew that by doing the internal and external work to heal, I would gain back the power I had given away to these experiences, and I would be able to support other women to heal, as well!

We can be quick to compare our battle wounds as women. But our true feminine power does not come from comparing injuries or showing off our scars. Our true power comes from embodying our new strength and boldly standing for a new vision of the world. For as women, we are just now remembering our secret feminine power.

This is a power that has been hidden from most of the world and further contorted by social media. There is a reason it has been hidden from us, as it is very powerful! When a woman taps into this power within, there is no stopping her, and therefore, there is no stopping us!

In truth, our power lies in the very process of turning inward, getting intimate with our shadow and our light, and connecting to our magnetic feminine heart.

This is how I describe the Magnetic Feminine Heart: When a woman activated in her magnetic feminine heart walks into a room, everyone turns to look. The elegance she radiates emanates from her subtle and mysterious connection with a deep inner knowing that is far beyond any basic level of physical beauty. The secret she holds is a knowing that provides tremendous strength: Her true power as a woman originates from her heart. And this is a great power, indeed! It is this deep power that people sense when they see her.

The benefits of activating YOUR Magnetic Feminine Heart are that you:

  • Heal trauma in the physical and emotional body
  • Transform low-self worth, insecurity, and self-doubt
  • Clear karmic patterns
  • Relax out-of-control emotion
  • Close energy leaks
  • Establish personal power
  • Cultivate confident, beautiful, and radiant feminine energy
  • Create connection, love, and intimacy in relationships

Any woman can activate this magnetic power within. Once she does, she is a great gift to all, as she becomes an activator of humanity’s potential! By diving into our pain, we transmute suffering and leaky energy points that we have given away to trauma and patterns such as victim consciousness, jealousy and competition, insecurity and low-self worth, and the belief that beauty comes from the physical body or external success.

Our power is far beyond this!

The Goddess energy is not just pure light. She owns her darkness and her depth and recognizes it as part of her power. It is through her intimacy with herself and her inner darkness that she begins to build a capacity to hold great suffering. Our shadow is what teaches us compassion, and it is compassion and love that the Goddess gifts most beautifully. Compassion is the key emotional frequency of the magnetic heart because it signifies inner depth and inner understanding.

This is what our world is looking for. So when you become an embodiment of the magnetic feminine heart, you become a healer, an activator, and a stand for true feminine power on the planet.

These are the steps to activate your magnetic feminine heart:

  • Get still in your body and slow down your breath.
  • Connect with your heart, and focus on the feeling of love in your body.
  • Enter into any point of physical or emotional pain or tension in your body.
  • Allow your breath to rest in the painful space, and do not judge or create stories.
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up, including sadness, pain, and loss. Meet those emotions with the energy of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness.
  • Acknowledge that you are healing, and that all parts of you are welcome and part of your deep inner beauty and value as a woman—because they connect you with self-compassion.

Watch this video to learn how I cleared my patterns with romantic relationships through the magnetic feminine heart: