98-Year-Old Woman Moves Into Nursing Home To Take Care of 80-Year-Old Son


Most of us expect to be taking care of our parents as we get older, but this one story shows us that there are always exceptions, this mom is still looking after her son, she even moved into the same care home as him to be together…

Mom, 98-tears-old and son 80-yers-old, Ada and Tom Keating could possibly be one of the oldest mother and son duos, and they are adorable!

Tom and also his mother have been close for many years and have a really close relationship, having spent a lot of their lives living together, it’s pretty logical that they are quite close.

Tome never really flew the nest as he never married or even wanted to move away, he worked as a painter and decorator before he retired.

Tom had health problems in his later years and as a result, was taken to the senior center called moss view care home, it was the best thing for him all things considered.

The first year was quite hard for Tom, so Ada, his mom moved into the same senior center so she could be with her son and keep each other company, just like old times.

Ada had three other children besides Tom, although Tom was the oldest, his other siblings, three younger sisters, called Barbara, Margi and Janet, they sadly died when he was 13 years old.

The extended family are very happy that they keep each other happy and with Tom’s health problems its nice that they can be together like this in the same care home.

The manager of the care home where the family lives, called Philip Daniels, says that it’s pretty rare to see a mother and son getting along this well and at this age, we agree!

His staff in the care home are quite touched with their relationship that they have promised to make any adjustments or accommodation needed to keep them together.

The short clip that follows below gives a little look into how these two interact. It’s amazing!