8 Qualities Strong Women Have That Men Can’t Take


We advocate being a strong woman, every day, but sometimes, some men can’t seem to take it, why we wonder! But to be a strong woman is a wonderful thing, every girl wants to grow up to be a strong woman, we hope they certainly do anyway, so what is it that makes these women so strong?

The characteristics of a strong woman are powerful and, real men shouldn’t be scared at all, not in the least bit, but let’s examine this a little closer and see the real things that men are intimidated by, we think that you won’t really be prepared for some of these answers!

Below we will look at 8 unique qualities of these amazing and powerful women:

1# She fights for herself

She’s incredibly fierce and powerful, her presence is one of an independent woman, she is proud of the fact she can take look after herself. She really does not need a man to look after her or support her. She supports herself and takes responsibility for own her life, every step of the way!

When she is with a man, she wants things to be 50:50, so in other words, if you show her your love you will equally get her love back! HOwever if you don’t show her any love then don’t count on getting the love back! You have to admire the qualities of a strong woman!

2# She knows exactly what she wants

She will really take the time to get to know you, but she already knows herself and exactly what she wants from life. There no hesitation at all, or self-doubt, if she wants something, then she will absolutely get it.

Be sure to know that she will not rely on others to reach her goals or desires and knows that attachments come with danger!

3# She respects your honesty and approachability

By now you might be tempted to think that she is a little emotionally cold, but you would be quite wrong indeed! In fact, that could not at all be farther from the truth of the matter!

She really does embrace every single one of her emotions, even the not so positive ones, she realizes that accounting for all emotions is the only real way you can move forward in a positive and healthy way.

She is absolutely honest with others she encounters and and she expects the same in return, but at the same time she also acknowledges that no one person in the universe is perfect and is patient too, especially with those that might be a little nervous or anxious.

4# She will not hide away from intimacy

She welcomes intimacy and is not scared of getting close to someone. She is all about those really good vibes, because she realizes that being really honest with herself and what she wants and desires is the only liberating way to lead your life.

However, she won’t just attach herself to any man though, not unless he’s truly the right guy, after all, one thing she knows is that there are plenty of guys out there that can fulfill that role!

5# She is very possibly a human lie detector

Try to lie to a strong woman and you will very likely regret it. Honesty it is one of her worst hates, you might well feel her wrath descend upon you! SHe looks and sees straight through falsehoods, insincere promises, as well as bad behaviour and excuses! If your not totally honest with her, she will cut you from her life!

6# She needs absolute integrity, and respect

She knows her real worth in life, and she doesn’t act kindly towards anyone who might be hypocritical or completely inconsistent in their words and what they do, a man who tries to fool her might as well say goodbye before he will really regret it!

If you do respect her and treat her like the woman she is, as equals, being honest and loyal, then she is the most passionate person you could ever imagine!

This is so typical of qualities of a strong woman, as you may already know? Tell us in the comments we are keen to know your experiences!

7# She can be full-on and hard to handle

She has been been through a lot in her life, so the only way she has been able to get through it all is by embracing every one of life’s ups and downs!

She is passionate, and this might seem hard to handle, but its worth it, she hides nothing and is equally accepting of your hardships in your life, remember your 50:50 equals, so always treat her as such, and you will reap the rewards!

8) She loves unconditionally

A strong woman is absolutely faithful to you, as you must be to her also, she has a lovely nurturing side to her too, she shows it only to people she loves! This type of unconditional love is really rare to find, so cherish it.

This is one of those kinds of relationships you should hand on to for dear life, because you may never find it again, and when it’s gone it’s already too late to get back what you lost!

Qualities strong women have is a great insight if you are a guy or girl with a strong woman, or you know a someone and you want you understand their qualities they have as a strong woman.