8 Foods To Avoid At All Costs To Get A Flat Belly


So you want to finally get a flat belly?

We all would love to have a flat belly, and we really can achieve it too, that flat stomach that we strive for, but there are some rules and a little willpower is required too. that pesky abdominal fat is one of the most difficult to shed?

You work out, hard,  you try to do healthy eating regimes, but then after it all you can’t see any results when you look at your belly. This really stubborn belly fat is absolutely the last fatty area to be gone, and it seems that it doesn’t plan to go anywhere fast either.

If this sounds quite familiar to you, then we really want you to learn more about these foods that prevent the perfect belly you’ve always wanted to get.

1. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Some alcoholic drinks are super high in calories, however, calories are not the main thing to consider. Alcohol consumption really does increases your appetite, then that also confuses the part of your brain that is in charge of feeling full.

It seems that even if your really full, when you go for a drink of wine, or beer, you pretty much always fancy a snack, don’t you?

2. Abandon soft drinks completely

Soda Pop, now this is really a common thing we hear, practically all the time, but it is still really hard to give up this little devil of a habit. However, if you really do want to get rid of pesky abdominal fat, you absolutely should stop drinking all soft drinks.

Even those cleverly marketed low-calorie drinks, they simply slow down your metabolism and stimulate your body to gain fat!

3. Never buy chewing gum

When you pop that gum in your mouth and chew it, your brain and stomach receive messages that prepare them for an incoming meal, some food to enter the stomach, that in turn triggers overproduction of stomach acid, as a result, you feel hungry super!

4. Keep your sodium levels down

Both sugar and salt are things that we are not naturally meant to eat in out diets, the body does not react to them very well, and they should be limited to very small amounts, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure or you are unlucky enough to have to take steroids regularly for a medical condition.

Not only are high-sodium foods super bad for your health, but they make you retain fluids, that is what prevents you losing belly fat.

5. Say au-revoir to fast food

There really is no secret here, its a fast food fact that it contains too many calories, salt and sugar… Who puts sugar in french fries, right?

There are various health problems here, but if that’s not convincing you enough to pack in the fast food, then just remember, that it’s absolutely responsible for that belly of yours that you want to shed so much.

6. Abolish the mayonnaise

If you’re a fan of the creamy tasty mayonnaise and other mayonnaise-based sauces or even salad dressings, then you should be aware that these sauces and dressings have at least 80% fat. So, yes, a little natural tomato paste is ok, or just learn to give it up!

7. Say “No Way” to French fries

As much as you love these little sticks os tasty salted naughtiness, called french fries, you do need to give them up as soon as possible. Fried potatoes, similar to any other sort of fried foods, work like a sponge, it absorbs saturated fats. all this fat has to be digested and passed through your blood stream then be filtered out and stored again as fat!

Saturated fats can actually affect brain function too, yes they really can, you can’t think clearly, and your blood does pass through your bain too, containing all the fats you have consumed. In the end you can eat up to 30 potatoes without noticing it… but then you won’t achieve that flat belly you really want!

These french fries are the exact opposite of eating to get a flat belly!

8. No more ice cream

This one is pretty hard to swallow, not always obvious, but in any case, now you know! Foods that are laden with sugar or fat, or even worse both really do turn into abdominal fat.

As the saying goes abs are made in the kitchen not the gym, and it’s so true too. So ok going to the gym to do a cardio fat burning workout will really help you on your way to get a flat belly, but you will never achieve and get a flat belly unless your eating habits are good, and of course avoid eating these food above!