8 Diseases Cured By Making Love Every Day, 6 is a real surprise!


Diseases Cured By Making Love

If you want to have a clear complexion, to boost your mood, and also to cut your risk of cancer, cardiopathy, and a host of different health hazards? Who wouldn’ right? So the solution is not a magic pill, believe it or not, the solution is between your sheets. Yep, a bit of lovin’ will greatly boost your health, there are several stunning ways you can do it too!

So you’re interested, to know these diseases cured by making love, read on…

Improved Heart Health

Just like any other physical activity, making love is great for your heart, in many ways, and many studies have confirmed that you greatly lower your risk of dying from a cardiac problem, like heart failure, by doing the deed, it’s not just the exercise it hormones your body releases too!

It Reduces Depression And Stress

You will absolutely not crave for chocolate either, there are also studies that show that contact with ejaculate during lovemaking does have a medicinal effect on the woman. the deed has some really positive mental effects for both involved, as well as cutting stress levels instantly!

It May Cause You To Look Younger

Some research has also shown that men and girls too have a full of life lovemaking look between approximately 5 to 7 years younger than their actual age. This satisfaction of lovemaking could also be a huge contributor major to their quality of life, this seems pretty logical to us, don’t you agree?

It Treats Headache

When you make love, you experience something special when you’re doing the act, and your body releases chemicals, these give rise to the production of endorphins, and this is what considerably relaxes your muscles and relieves the pain too!

It Counts As An Exercise

OK, so maybe it can’t completely replace the treadmill or rowing machine, or the bike, but…

Making love uses 5 calories per minute, that four more per minute than you would use if you were watching the television. Ut not only raises the calorie burn rate but also it works your muscles and increases blood flow too, this is hugely beneficial to your circularity system, and your health in turn.

Influenza – really you say? Yep really!

Did you know that making love daily is also a huge help to combat the flu? This suggests too that before you take any medications or otherwise you are better to consider natural remedies where you can, but even before that, make sure that you try this “method” first!

It really works too!  Give it a spin and you might well be really surprised sooner than you think!


It’s a pretty cliché that men just pass out after making love, but it will really facilitate both men and women to feel content and ready for natural deep sleep. Feeling relaxed and cozy are also really big factors in touching the massive O, together! So it is therefore quite smart also to play to the things that help you the most, and what is more natural than making love then falling asleep in each other’s arms?

Lessens Pain

Before you go looking for the pain meds, go and reach for something else, something far more natural, make love and get your body releases some of the best natural painkillers know to man and woman!

An Also Don’t Forget to also… as well as “Diseases Cured By Making Love”

You also need to do the following:

Eat right.
keep active.
Get enough sleep.
Keep getting your vaccinations.
Make sure to practice using contraception and be safe too!