6 Secrets to Women’s Energy


– How many times do you feel really energized, and content?
– How often is that normal for you…?
– Always you say?
– Well, if we say about 90% percent of the time? NO?

Secrets To Woman’s Energy Can Transform Your Life…

After having this conversation with a lot of working woman, it was clearly the time for talking about energy levels. If you are exhausted far too often, your tired or feel generally lethargic this article is for you.

So read on because these secrets to woman’s energy are awesome! Here are these secrets and if you don’t already know them, and you are feeling a little moody, and rules by your energy levels, you have an aura, whether you can feel it or not.

It’s your everyday state than will determine your aura and reflect your state too.

But, you don’t even need to believe to be able to work with your energy levels, you can do it by simple visualization, using color to make your brain understand what you want to achieve, your brain is pretty smart after all!

1. Visualization Is Key To Control Emotion And Energy

The subconscious doesn’t understand respond to verbal language, but there are things that it responds to, it responds to feelings and deep thoughts, more specifically it responds to visual cues, real ones and imagined ones too! So, you can’t just talk to your subconscious you can communicate, if you know how… this is the key secret, to visualize great things and feeling to feel that way… read on!

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. said:

“The subconscious mind controls 95 percent of how our circumstances manifest and our beliefs shape our lives. The power of the subconscious is about a million times greater than our conscious mind.”

2. Connect With Your Deepest Par Of Your Mind

If you imagine your emotions and visualize them, then you literally contact with the deepest layers of your mind. It is a science you know, and if you’re interested its also connected to NLP and why it works too, but that’s a discussion for another day! s in science.

You don’t need to believe in magic, or in the supernatural, or even in meditation, just trust the science, it really does work!

So let’s have a chat with your subconscious (media and adverts do this all the time without you even knowing, but that’s a different discussion for another day too!) and get something really positive from it!

3. Just Do It, and Reconnect, Understanding Not Required!

Let’s do it. I will share with you some super secrets about your energy system that will help you to achieve balance, feel more energized and much happier now!

After all its no good knowing these secrets to woman’s energy then not actually doing anything about it right?

You don’t have to be perfect or even close to it, you just need to have a go, and straight away you will start to improve your life. Energy work is really simple and easy to do, as soon as you practice, it will bring you balance and that feeling of calm, so why not try it out!

Negative emotions can kind of settle into us, making us feel bad or remember negativity we experienced in the past, so cleaning and a positive mindset are ultra important for sure!

4. Guided Meditation Will Channel That Energy

Guided meditation is really key and can really help you, ir releases negativity and talks to your subconscious, reinforcing positive thoughts and positive energy.

Your body is sensitive to its environment, we can absorb, so to speak, the energy around us, so its especially important to keep positive and expel the negativity!

If you have ever been in that situation when you feel pretty good but then you come to some crowded place and in a really short time you feel completely drained, bothered, down or afraid, just out of the blue?

5. Shed The Bad Energy Around You

You probably took in some bad energy around you, negativity, fears, and maybe a little positive energy too, but you need to do something about it, to rectify how you feel and expel the negative!

And remember all the while that these secrets to woman’s energy are powerful, trust them and practice them every day, you will notice the positive change!

6. It’s Your Color Inside That Sets You Free

So you can take responsibility in the process and also keep yourself in a really good emotional state, image a day where your body feels strongest and most secure, of a time when you feel the best, and what color that part of your body is, keep that color string in your mind!


Imagine with your eyes closed and relaxed, move that color all around your body, turn up the volume of that color until your whole body is engulfed by that color, that positive color energy will not only make you feel awesome and positive and energized, but it will protect you from the outward negativity from getting to you.

7. The Physical Body and The Emotional State are Tied Together

Health problems can be a real issue and also affect us deeply on an emotional level too, so stay healthy and look after your body, the mind will follow and you will be more than halfway there!

If it’s your mind that is dragging your body down, then do the exercise with color every day and soon enough you body will begin to benefit too!

Physical and emotional bodies are closely tied, but one is very much visible and understood and the other one is just an energy level, but if you ever heard about something called psychosomatics then you know that they are both as real as each other and just as important!

8. Balance Yourself Emotionally

Balancing your Chakras is a huge part of the balance in your life, regardless of why this works, it does, this circle represents energy and balance. When your Chakras are more open in only one end it means you give more than you get which leads you to you being exhausted. This is quite a common problem for women, we see it all the time. Generally, most of us tend to give much more than we receive.

Secrets to woman’s energy is something that you should share, don’t keep these secrets, share them with your friends, do them and see how well they really do work, then come back top us and share the knowledge with every woman you know, sharing with others is caring for others!

That’s why it is so important to balance giving and receiving and work with these Chakras, or at the least realize that the Chakras are just a system to help you balance and remember to keep that balance at all times!

9. Explore The Source of Your Femininity

Femininity is really a great source of energy for every woman, it absolutely is. It’s one of the greatest sources of energy and fulfillment that can help to decide many worries and many uncertainties too.

It’s far away from being the answer to everything. But it really is something deep and very influential that can help you understand your female side. And we’re not talking about femininity you see on the touch screen of your phone or in Instagram either, “show your body” or ” have a perfect life/ look etc”. This is NOT what we are talking about.

10. Release The Infinite Possibilities Within Yourself

Such power comes from deep inside of you, it has the strength we can’t put into words. Shut your eyes for a second and imagine a second the Universe appears. The cool flash of light, a big bang or even the desire of consciousness to manifest. A second the world is born… new possibilities all around, your new birth, new self!

You are that new birth, the planet, the galaxy, and all the stars, with infinite possibilities right inside you.

Secrets To Woman’s Energy, what’s next?

Go forth and explore your new self, take a walk in the park or try on a dress that you really liked, feel your feeling and embrace your new positive energy all around you, turn up the volume of that color inside yourself, let yourself glow with that positive energy!

So remember too that secrets to woman’s energy can really work, we are really 100% sure of this and seen them be amazing for 99% of every woman who embraces them, but that is the key you must embrace them to benefit from them, so go forth and EMBRACE!