6 Heart Attack Symptoms that Occur Only In Women


Heart attacks seem to be one of the biggest causes of early death in our modern age. Sadly though, this disease has a habit of sneaking up on us, yes you and I included! However, just before it captures us completely, our body gives us signs that we really should take heed of…

The general symptoms of a heart attack are becoming more and more well known, but they can really manifest differently in men and women. We show you here six of the symptoms that every woman should know and be able to be familiar with, you could even save a life by recognizing these symptoms, it could even be your own life or a loved one!

Deep pain in the back, neck, jaw, and arms…

These are the signs, they may even be a little confusing as you experience them, because a heart attack is also primarily associated with a pain in the chest, or even a pain in your left arm, but you wouldn’t think to associate with a pain in the neck or jaw.

The pain can also be progressive, nagging, stabbing, or sharp and sudden. It can even rouse you from a deep sleep in the small hours of the night. This is absolutely why you need to consult a doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms like this or any unusual symptoms, the golden rule seek professional advise, fast!

Stabbing or Sharp stomach pain and awful sickness…

Some of the signs of a coming heart attack can be confused with the same signs you would feel if you had been poisoned, or had the flu, or even some say severe heartburn. In some cases, women can experience pressure in the abdominal area, women describe it to be comparable to “an elephant sitting on their stomach.”

Sudden Cold Sweats

A cold sweat is just another symptom, however, it’s common among just mainly women. It can appear to be connected with stress. However, if you haven’t had any kind of similar symptoms before this, then you’d better call for help, better safe than sorry!

Diziness and shortness of your Breath

If you have breathing issues, for no good reason, these are the so-called companions of a heart attack, watch out and seek help from a medical professional, especially if it goes along with some other symptoms. Women who have survived this said afterwards that they felt like they had run a marathon, although they didn’t even move!!

Pronounced fatigue more than normal

If even you have had a good rest you feel excessively tired, you can’t seem to even do simple actions very well (for example, going to the bathroom), this is a warning bell, it’s a clear signal to pay attention to the state of your cardiovascular system, and your body!

Pain and increased pressure where your ribs are

Discomfort, chest pain, feelings of burning, and of pressure in your chest area, these are all these symptoms that occur regardless of your sex. However,  some women do experience pain like this, but, not on the left side of the chest, in the whole general area. If that pressure or pain does not go within just a few minutes, call for professional help straight away!

Just to be clear though, these “Women’s Heart Attack Symptoms” aren’t an absolute guarantee of all the signs of an early heart attack, but in combination, and considering a frequent occurrence of the same symptoms is really a good reason to consult your doctor fast. It could save your life, so take care and be safe!

These women’s heart attack symptoms for women could really be the best thing you ever knew one day!