6 Drinks To Help You Say Au-Revoir to Excess Weight


All you avid dieters out there well know just how long it takes to get rid of those really pesky unwanted pounds, the more you want them gone the longer they seem to hang on, but but there is a really cool and effective shortcut out there, all you need is some really basic things from the supermarket to get you going.

We want everyone to benefit from these, quite frankly, amazing drinks, so what are you waiting for, lets get down to it!

If its the right time of year for you then get your plums out and get making this drink, if this is no the drink for you then simply move on the the next one, there are plenty more where this came from!

#1 Peach Delight

Store this delightful drink in the fridge and drink one glass of it in the morning.

Plums really are amazing, not only do they remove toxins form the body, but also they speed up wieght loss too. They are a great source of vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and iron, and can really help top keep you in tip top shape, don’t take more than one glass a day as this drink can act as a laxative too!

#2 Honey Cinnamon Heaven

Drink 1 glass of this sweet and spicy drink in the morning.

This drink has some pretty cool characteristics, it not only helps you to control your blood sugar, but too it aids your digestion and boosts your metabolism too. Scientists say that replacing sugar with honey is a good choice because in the end you consume less sugar as honey is much sweeter that sugar, so you consume less of it!

#03 Wheat Germ Gold

Drink a small glass, about 150 ml, of this drink before all your meals.

We can only describe this drink as pure gold, a little muddy but with a citrus undertone to it, this is one of those drinks that boosts your metabolism and also removes toxins too, this is a great choice of drink if you cant source any other ingredients, but if not, then don’t despair we have more to try ahead!

#4 Lemon Ginger Cringer

Drink 1 glass of this in the morning.

OK so you may cringe at the idea of sour lemons, and fiery ginger in the morning, but your body will truly thank you for the nutrients you are about to consume!

Many dieticians really strongly consider ginger to be such a great thing for weight loss, and it’s  because it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps remove excess liquid from the body too. Lemons stimulate the kidneys, they also remove toxins as well as regulate digestion, what more could you want?

Get drinking this one, this is our favorite and really a great way to get started!

#05 Dandelion Dunk Drink

Drink this dunk drink in place of tea, really yes it’s so good for you you feel like you want to dunk yourself in it!

This is one of those great drinks, a real tonic for the body, and only really effective if you eat healthy also, as most of the drinks here, but this drink will help you expel those pounds of retained water as well as purge harmful things from your blood stream and accelerates your diet and weight loss too.

But be careful as you might need to run for a pee pee after this dinrk its so effective!

#6 Supercharged Water

Drink around 8 glasses a day for 4 days total of this drink!

Do not eat more than 1,400 kcal per day while you are drinking this drink..

Supercharged water is one of the absolute most effective weight loss drinks, it helps quickly break and metabolize fats, it gets rid of bloating, and relieves swelling too. Like all the other diet drinks though, you should really watch what you eat, don’t replace those lost pounds with new ones!

Good luck, however, with these drinks you won’t need it, we always advise you consult a medical professional before engaging any new diet or drinking these drinks, be safe and watch the pounds drop off!