16 Health Benefits of Hibiscus plant!


Hibiscus is one of the most sought after flowering plants. The Hibiscus flower is both delicate and huge, as if they were made out of airy crepe paper.

There are many incredible color variations, which range from hot pink to plum.

Hibiscus is the name given to more than 250 species of shrubs, herbs and trees of the mallow or Malvaceae family. The most used species of hibiscus for medicinal purposes are Hibiscus sabdariffa, known as the roselle; Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, called China rose and common hibiscus Hibiscus syriacus, known as the Rose of Sharon.

These 3 shrubs are native to tropical climates, but now are grown around the world. Hibiscus is famous for its beauty as well as its medicinal uses.This plant is full with Vitamin C. Use it more commonly in the winter seasons.

Hibiscus benefits:

  1. Reduces blood pressure
  2. Full of Antioxidant that fight cancer
  3. Improves sleeps
  4. Cures cold
  5. Contains antioxidants
  6. Slows ageing
  7. Protects against stomach bacteria
  8. Cures acne
  9. Help manage your weight
  10. Maintains fluid balance
  11. Contains Vitamin C
  12. Stops hair-fall
  13. Can boost energy
  14. Support the immune system
  15. Speed up metabolism
  16. Lowers level of cholesterol

Recipe you should try!

Grapefruit – Hibiscus Tea Smoothies


8 hibiscus tea ice cubes
1 large grapefruit

Brew hibiscus herbal tea and freeze in ice cubes trays.
Peel, section and juice grapefruit (Cut grapefruit into supreme, remove all pith, discard any seeds). Add grapefruit sections with juice and hibiscus tea ice cubes to blender container. Cover and blend until slushy.