10 Tips For How to Stay Healthy In Confinement


So the world is coming into a situation where we don’t know what is coming next, how long will we be confined, how will it affect us in the long term, and what should we be doing to make sure we are at our best?

Well, who is better at dealing with confinement than prisoners are? We look at top ways prisoners have stayed healthy, whilst not trying to feel like you are a prisoner!

Top of the list stats with arguably one of the most important things that relates to our health and well being, not just to physical health but also our mental health is:


Stress kills, in a nutshell, it’s a huge thing! Solitary confinement makes you feel like your in a pressure cooker, and extreme pressure busts pipes without relief valves. So in situations like this, it’s best to identify the things that cause unnecessary stress and avoid them, as much as you can.

Some people believe in prayer or spiritualism, and others prefer meditation, but whatever you choose its super important to do some every day.

There are many ways to relieve stress i.e. routine, exercise, meditation, laughter, masturbation in moderation, some precious time with your partner in bed even… or whatever relaxes you in a productive way, of course.

Stay positive, don’t panic from the series of setbacks, or get provoked by negativity. Don’t sweat the small stuff or things out if your control.

We personally love this method below:


DOn’t get caught up in what others are doing around you, concentrate on what you should be doing and stick to it, follow government advice as best as you can and just take one day at a time.

If you have to leave the house to do the shopping, keep yourself to yourself, or at the least keep a minimum of 2 meters away from others, wear a scarf or mask if you have one but remember that you can’t keep touching your face and eyes, and a mask can’t protect you completely it just helps a little, along with social distancing and good hygiene too.


Stay busy. and keep busy, however you can, whether that is working from home or exercise or skype, Viber or calling friends and family for a friendly chat.

I cannot stress this point enough. This is the best preventive remedy to the effects of confinement, such as stress, boredom, mental deterioration, and self-destruction.

You can read a book or watch the television, do some puzzles on-line or surf social media, but provided you don’t read all about the panic of the world… better to take in a romantic novel, or a great film than the hype of the news and media.

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Great books allowed you to invite some of the world’s greatest minds into your house, it’s important that you transcend the walls or your home.


A cultivated soul can harvest unlimited strength enabling people to endure unthinkable suffering. SO if you have faith than have faith and pray, if you have no faith then be spiritual, meditate and bring only positivity into your thoughts.

If you have neither then its either time to start or become a reader, writer or film buff!

Native Amer., African Amer., Jews, Palestinians, to name a few, all summoned a spiritual strength that allowed them to continue to hope, plan and fight on, and so can you do the same, this virus is a war, a silent war albeit.

Whenever I feel despair by my circumstances, I call to mind an inspirational saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings);

”Look to those below you instead of those above you, as it helps you to appreciate Allah’s favors on you”.


Try to maintain communication with your family and/or friends, after all they are in the same boat as the rest of us and we all need to show solidarity and band together to support each other in these times of difficulty.

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This isn’t only just another source of strength, but it helps to keep your social skills sharp, being isolated can starve all your senses, so do all you can not to sound like you’ve been living in a cave… Keep up with all the people and issues that are changing our world, but keep positive about the future.


Disrespecting yourself or others only makes things feel worse. So try to always be calm and nice with the people around you, treat other like you want to be treated, and of course above all look after yourself and care for yourself.

And if others try to provoke you, smile and be happy!


We all have issues and even some flaws, no one is perfect after all, however you can use at least some of your time to look within and to be introspective about your life.

Socrates called good money when he said;

“The life which is unexamined is not worth living.”


You don’t have to be knowledgable about Law in order to know your rights and what you should and shouldn’t be doing, what times you have to stay inside and what times you are allowed to exercise.

Follow the rules, and this is one less thing to be concerned about, keep it simple and follow the rules, save lives and be yourself.


One of the worse ways to deal with stress is to feast on junk food. Being stuck inside the house constantly is bad enough, so don’t add a lot of processed junk food and drink into the mix.

Eat as healthily as you can, moderation like most things in life is the solution, it’s really important that that you do everything you can to maintain good health.

Keeping healthy by keeping a check on what your eating will help you with your general mood and how you feel, in combination with exercise!


This advice is difficult to give because it’s difficult to ask for help for most of us, but its really important we do it when it’s necessary.

We all sometimes need help, if you are suffering medically or mentally, then please do ask for help, we are all human after all!

Above all be safe, stay home and hang in there!

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