10 Habits That All Happy Women Do


10 Habits of happy women are such a great way to give yourself that little boost, after all the good days come and go, but these essentials will keep you on the right side of all your good days!

Keeping a little balance and being wise in your long term relationships, and all the little things you do add up and cumulate. The faster to start to do these steps the happier you will feel.

10 Habits of happy women start here!

Have A Routine

Starting and keeping a daily routine is really essential to finding your equilibrium in life. After all, it then makes you remember that you have created a space for all the things you love the most.

If you don’t have a routine just yet, then really do take the time to write down the things that you would like to achieve each day, and really set your goals!

Don’t be too ambitious at first, little steps that you can build up, and more achievable and will cumulate too, do all the activities that give you positive energy, for example, five minutes of meditation.

Using the little hours of the morning will definitely set you up for a whole day of success. Perfecting a morning routine that is positive, productive, and fulfilling is not an easy task. While each of us is different, it is equally important to make a morning routine that is in line with your priorities, strengths, and feelings.

Care for Yourself

It far too easy to get caught in a spell of procrastination and shiny object syndrome, so to put off an appointment with your dentist or beautician just because you are seemingly too busy, this is a no-no and its imperative that you care for your well-being.

Looking after your body actually means loving yourself first, as a real person, and it goes way beyond aesthetics. Self-care can be as simple as splurging on a new bag or sleeping in for an extra 15 minutes in the morning.

Keep Smiling

A simple little smile can change the day of every person you meet, and to smile will make your body produce endorphins it would not otherwise produce if you didn’t smile!

As you walk from place to place just remember that amongst the battles you walk through, through the office or the park, going about your day, you can’t just help everyone, but you can show that gentle side, compassion, and love for others. Positive energy really does attract other positive energy!

Be Open Minded

All happy woman also happens to be very open to life in general, to what it can offer more to the point! It is of the utmost importance to have these same values and principles. It doesn’t stop there though, it is also crucial to stay open to coming changes for your mind, and discover new things each day.

Openness and curiosity allow you to grow and evolve. Try to look at the world from a different perspective, or find a new hobby.

They Have A Regular Exercise Routine

Keeping your body mobile and moving around is so essential not just for your physical health, but because it keeps you fit, it strengthens your muscles too, however it is a complete must for your emotional health. It releases stress by releasing hormones in your body that bring many health benefits, and brings back the focus to your life in the here and now.

After exercising you will feel that mass of energy, it will be hugely beneficial to the rest of your daily activities, it’s not only logical but should be your 100% priority to do every day!

Exercising does not always have to mean that you have to buy yourself a gym membership, it means that your exercise routine should include something you love to do, and you really want to do, at least that you will look forward to doing.

Not many of us like going to the gym and if you on a budget, it can be hard to shell out the money every month. Instead, remember that in the most part it is essential to actually find that one exercise that you absolutely love to do and it will really keep you motivated. It will benefit your health and your state of mind too!

Express Your Gratitude

To be grateful is a powerful thing, we regularly think about what we don’t have, we really should be thankful for the all the things we do have, and for the love, that we receive from the people who are around us.

That gratitude you express does really have the power to look at the difficult times from a different perspective. It shows us that we are lucky even though we have difficult challenges each day. It is an awesome habit to keep up, even just before going to sleep, simple things like a cosey bed, and the people who love you!

Have Passion

When you get so tired and bogged down and busy, it’s far too easy to forget about passion, to simply have the motivation behind what we do. And it is in those little, or not so little moments, that it is crucial to remember why we chose our life path and what our goals are, and where we want to end up.

Your passions really will be the things that drive you forward, help you to achieve your goals and although its not an easy task to stay passionate, its rewards will far outweigh the effort!!

Spend A Little Time Alone

A truly happy woman really gets it, she understands that she needs that little bit of time alone to get to know herself and her true deepest wishes. It’s so important to spend that time with yourself, get to know yourself and especially when you have to make those important decisions.

After a breakup this is even more essential too, to be able to look at things from a distance, to have perspective, and to decide what you want and what you do not want in future relationships too. Audiobooks and meditation are a great way to reflect, we love them for this.


10habits of happy woman really can’ miss out this essential thing to have! A happy woman feels that sense of responsibility for all her actions, she never blames others for her own mistakes either. The key thing here is taking these steps based on what you want, not what others want from you, neither based on other people’s opinions. Take complete charge of your actions, and you are far more likely to feel responsible for them, also you will learn from your mistakes, and grow to be a better version of yourself.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover?

So why is this important? Well people will view you how you view yourself, and the funny thing is we view ourselves how others treat us, so if you treat everyone on their merits then in the end they will treat you in the way you should really view yourself, and in turn you will actually be that better more mature and greater person that you are!

We hope that you take our advice, 10 habits of happy women, and really throw yourself into these daily habits and really feel how much of a positive change you can make in your life, if you benefit from these then help a friend and share these habits with them too!

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